Thursday, January 23, 2014

Picture Catch Up

Instead of writing about everything else I didn't mention in my last post, I just wanted to post some pictures of the last 8 months of what we've been doing!
 Isaac has become quite the fisherman this last year!
 He had his 7th birthday last June, just a couple of weeks after Lance was born.
 We took a vacation down to south/east Utah and visited Canyonlands.
 This was one of the roads we took while we were down there.   It's hard to see in a picture, but just over the edge of the road was a drop all the way to the low valley you see in the background.  It was harrowing, but also amazing!
 We went a couple of times to one of our favorite lakes, Teapot Lake in the Uintas.
 Eden paddling on her own!
 Lance being such a good baby while at the lake!
 We also made it up to Tony Grove and did some swimming/fishing!
 Eden worked really hard last summer to earn enough money to go and get her ears pierced.  So proud of her!
 Isaac just cracks me up.  He did his own hair and had to pose for the camera.
 And another one, with an awesome face from Emma as well!
We went camping, and everyone did really well, including the baby!  This was Ammon in the morning!
 We went camping at Pineview and went swimming the next day.

 Just a cute one of Ammon being himself, a cute warrior!

 Eden and Emma both had good birthdays last August, and loved the dollhouse their aunt got them!
 These three went to a Stake service activity with me, and I was so impressed with how hard they worked, especially Isaac!
 Did I mention that I dyed my hair red?
 Cute girl wearing daddy's glasses!
 Ammon played on a soccer team with his cousin, Lex.  He didn't play much because he decided he'd rather play at the park instead, but I did get a few shots of him playing.  Rob and I were the coaches, so Rob is on the field coaching.
 This kid is so dull.
 In October, Eden had to have surgery on both her legs.  She had to have tendons lengthened in her club leg, and she had a bracket put on her good knee to stop growth because her legs were about an inch different.  So, until her club leg catches up, she won't be getting any taller!
 Emma has lost a few teeth...
 Halloween: Patriot Iron Man, Juliet, and Strawberry Shortcake.
 Halloween with cousins and friends!
 My very chill boys and their awesome glasses.
 Another tooth gone...
 Until finally there are NO top, front teeth.  Luckily, one of the middle ones just started growing in a couple of days ago!
 Finally, Eden got a haircut this week!

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