Saturday, August 28, 2010

Five Years Today

Five years ago today, Caydin "graduated" this life and went back to his heavenly home to peace and glory.  I miss you today, buddy, even more than normal!  Thank you for your example, and help me get through all the unknown years ahead so we can all be together again as a WHOLE family!  I LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 16, 2010

August Birthdays

August is Birthday month for both of my girls!  I haven't downloaded my pictures for this years celebrations yet, but wanted to post something before it got too late! 

Eden's birthday was on August 4th and she turned 6 years old!  I can't believe she is already that old!  She is my helper, and my little mother, at least in the trying to boss her other siblings around!  She is very stubborn, but likes to talk things through. Whenever a problem comes up, if I try to "tell" her how to deal with things, she won't hear it at all!  But, if I discuss the issue with her, and give examples from my own experiences, she would talk about it for hours!  I love that thinking side of her!  She is my sweetheart, and I'm so grateful that I am so blessed as to be her mother!! 
This is Eden on her blessing day.  She was born with one club foot, and by this time had I believe her second or third cast on, so everyone signed it who came to her blessing!  I love that Caydin is talking to her!!
Here is Eden just a week or two before her first birthday.
By her second birthday, she was already wanting to be a little princess, and loved dressing up!
I took this picture of her the morning of her third birthday.  It is weird to me to see this picture and compare it to EmmaLee today, since it is EmmaLee's third birthday today!
Eden right after her 4th birthday.  I think going from 3 to 4 was a big "growing up" time for Eden when she went from toddler to girl!
Eden right after her 5th birthday. 
Eden just a couple of weeks ago at 6!  She is getting so much bigger and older now!  Sure love this girl!

Like I said earlier, EmmaLee's birthday is today (okay, it is actually the 15th, which it was when I started this post!) and she is now three!  I said Eden is stubborn, but EmmaLee is even MORE stubborn!  She loves to sing and dance, and if she is comfortable, if you ask her she will sing a song about just about anybody!  She loves playing with her older siblings, and is pretty easy going when it comes to playing!  She loves to smile and be happy, but she has her little "monster" voice that comes out when you don't respond to her fast enough!  She is also so special to me, and I love having my two girls!
This is in the OR right after EmmaLee was born!
Here is EmmaLee at one!  Such a cutie!
Emma when she turned two!  It is amazing how much faster your later children grow!  I think because they have older siblings to learn from, they just seem to catch onto things faster and sooner and get "older" faster!
Emma at three!  Happy birthday my little sunshine!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Kids Say!

Yesterday was a family reunion for my mom's side of the family.  We spent the day up at my aunt's clubhouse having a blast!  There was a splash park right around the corner that the kids LOVED, and we also went swimming and had fun talking and playing with lots of family!  I will have to post pictures of it later this week, but I wanted to write down a couple of things the kids said before I forget!

Just a warning, but this first one is a potty one!  Isaac had to go to the bathroom at one point, so Rob took him.  After he had finished his business, he looked into the potty before flushing and saw his poop, and told Rob, "It's like a family!" 

My sister Melanie was holding and talking to EmmaLee, who loves jewerly.  Melanie had on a strand she had gotten after my Grandma Dickey passed away.  She told EmmaLee where she had gotten the necklace, and EmmaLee told Melanie, "Someday when I'm a great, great, great Grandpa Dickey, I will die."