Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quick Thought!

I went to pick up Eden from her primary class today after church got over, and her teacher came up to me to tell me something. She told me that Eden said the closing prayer in class today, and right at the end, she said, "please bless that our mommies and daddies will come and save us"! I just laughed! Luckily, the teachers, a married couple, thought it was pretty funny too! Just had to share the wit of my daughter!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Amazing results!

So, after my last post, Isaac ended up having a couple of rough days and nights. His mouth was so sore, he wouldn't eat or drink hardly anything, so he was grouchy from being hungry, on top of being sore! But, a couple of amazing things happened! One, because it must have been sore to suck, he refused to take his bottle. He'd ask for it, but then either give it back crying or just hold it. I have to admit I was weak and tried to give it to him because it got to the point where I just wanted him to drink SOMETHING, but he pretty much refused it! So, I went and bought him a couple of new Elmo sippy cups, and he LOVES them! So, he is totally broke from the bottle! I knew we needed to do it, I mean, it's part of the reason he needed his teeth worked on, but I didn't expect him to do it himself! Second, he has now slept all the way through the night two nights in a row!! He's never done that before because he's always gotten up for a bottle! The first few days were hard because he would wake up for a bottle, but then refused to take it, so they were kind of hard nights because he kind of just had to cry himself back to sleep because he refused anything else. He has gained more of an attachment to one of his stuffed animals, a little dalmation puppy, but I'll take that anyday! And, I think because he now does not use a bottle, he is eating a hundred times better! I had hoped for that result. I wondered if his mouth hurt so much from all the cavities that that was part of the reason he didn't eat well. So, after a week, everything is going GREAT! There are far more positive results than I could have hoped for! In other news, EmmaLee now has two top teeth and two bottom teeth, with I believe 4 more on the way. So, she has had her moments this last week, but she's starting to eat a lot more as well. Eden has started screaming, which is driving me crazy! I think she started feeling neglected because Isaac was requiring so much attention after his surgery. I think I'm going to start a postive sticker chart where everytime Eden does something positive, either on her own or when I ask her to do something, she will be able to put a sticker on the chart. After so many stickers, she'll get a prize of some sort. She's a good girl, but I can tell she's getting older and testing her boundaries more, and what I've been doing isn't working anymore! She and Isaac are playing a lot more together, though, and while they fight, they also have a lot of fun together and it's fun to see! We've also started "school", which consists of me teaching her letters and numbers. We are working on spelling her name right now. It's harder than I thought it would be, but she enjoys it, and I think it makes her feel special to have some special time with mom, learning something she very much wants to learn right now! Anyway, that's about it for now. We did get rid of our internet, so it is going to keep being a little more spaced how often I write. I also haven't figured out yet how to download my pictures yet, but I'll get my hubby to help me hopefully on the next post!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, I don't have any pictures again, but Isaac is done and on the road to recovery! I wasn't sure it was going to happen, again, because yesterday when I called to get his appointment time, the registration lady was asking a few questions, and she asked he he has a cough. I told her that he has had a chronic cough since November related to asthma problems. She seemed a little concerned, but kept asking other questions. She asked if his immunizations were up to date (for those who don't know, we choose not to immunize our kids, but I don't have time to explain all the details as to why in this post-if you want more info, email me!) and when I told her he doesn't get them, she decided that he has whooping cough, and that's why he's been coughing since November. I told her we have seen his pediatrician SEVERAL times about it, and that it is not whooping cough, but she had to get a second opinion anyway. I called her at 2:30, and she finally called back at 10 to 5:00. I actually did call her around 3:30 and gave her my pediatricians #, but when she called back, she still hadn't talked to him. But, they did decide to let him come, but she said we'd have to be in an isolation room. It stressed me out because the whole thing was stressful enough, let alone with something else to complicate it. And, it frustrated me that she didn't listen to me. I even told her that I'd taken him in 2 1/2 weeks ago specifically to get an okay for the surgery and the doctor said he would be fine. So, we get there today, and sure enough, they take us right back to an exam room. But, it ended up being a blessing because the waiting room was crowded and noisy, and this way, it was more peaceful and we got to control the atmosphere more. There was even our own DVD and TV back there! And, when the anesthesiolgist came in to examine him, we told him it was asthma and he agreed that he was MUCH healthier than he had been expecting and felt like he should be fine. Asthma itself added a slight more chance of a complication, but not like whooping cough would have! So, all went well, and in recovery, we also got our own private room, thanks to the whooping cough scare! But, once again, it was really nice! Instead of being in a large room sectioned off only by curtains with lots of recovering kids, we had our own room that was quiet, and our own TV for Isaac, and two nice, soft chairs for Rob and I, and in the end it was much nicer! So, yesterday I was mad at the lady, but today, I'm glad we had our own rooms for everything! The nurse in recovery said that the doctor rolled his eyes when he said that there was a whooping cough warning with Isaac, so I'm glad that the people with the real say of my sons health saw the truth. That was my only concern was that they were going to make a big deal about his health and needs for an issue that was non-existant. But, all ended well! Isaac is doing all right. He's already been eating, although I'm sure it's going to be sore for a while! He had to get all four front teeth capped, two molars capped, and 2 other teeth needed just fillings. His front caps are alittle large, but hopefully he'll grow into them more! It's also hard to tell because his lips are swollen from the surgery, so he looks like he's been punched a few times in the mouth! He also has a little lisp that I'm hoping will go away since the shape is slightly different now! But, I'm glad it's over, and now I don't have to worry about his cavities anymore either!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Change of Plans

Okay, so I called Primary's to see when we have to take Isaac in tomorrow morning, and they have no record of him! So, I called the dentist office and found out that there was a mistake in the date given to me, so he isn't scheduled for tomorrow! Most likely he will be going in this Friday instead, but possibly not until May 16th! I know it was an innocent mistake, but it is kind of frustrating to be gearing up for it only to find out it was all wrong! Rob had to get tomorrow off from work, and now he'll have to see if he can get Friday off instead, but we might not even know for sure until sometime tomorrow when it's even going to be! But, oh well. I guess things happen for a reason, and at least now we won't have to be driving up to Sandy and Primary's in this SNOW! I can't believe it's snowing again! But, it's not really sticking, and I hear it's suppose to warm up by the weekend again, so it's really better for us anyway! And, this way Rob will be home for the whole weekend after the surgery to help with Isaac and the other kids!

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Haircut

So, this is my new haircut! I felt like I just got a new haircut, but it was really overgrown, and time for something else! So many people have gone back to the bangs, so I decided to try it. I like them, but would like them a little longer. Luckily, my hair grows very fast, so I'm sure it won't be long before they are longer! I think the new look makes me look older than I have before, and I'm trying to decide if I'm OK with that or not! I'm curious how it will look after I wash it and attempt to do it myself! We'll see!

Isaac Singing and News

So, I finally got a small video of Isaac singing. It's pretty short, but I still think it's cute! He can really go on and sing it with full gusto when he wants to!
For financial reason, we are going to be getting rid of our internet for a little while. I'm still planning on updating my blog, hopefully at least once a week, but it will depend on how often I go to somebody's house with an internet I can use. The rate I've been posting the last couple of weeks it won't be any different anyway!
In other news, EmmaLee has broken two teeth through (the bottom middle two) in the last two weeks, which probably explains the bad nights all of the sudden! I'm sure more are on the way too! I wish teething didn't have to be so uncomfortable for babies!
I can't believe how quickly Eden is growing up. She is becoming more and more a little girl everyday! Lately, she has taken to calling me "mother". We'll be at the store, and she'll turn to me and ask seriously, "Mother, can I have ---", and if I say yes to whatever it is she is asking for, she'll say back, "Thank you." It's so funny because it's this little girl and she sounds so proper and all! I have to laugh! Also, when she's around either my little brother and sister, or cousins instead of calling them by their names, she calls them "friends". One example that I thought was so funny was when we were at Zion's on one of the small hikes, Thomas and Laurie had run ahead with my dad, and Eden decided to try to catch up to them, and instead of calling their names, she yelled after them, "Friends, wait for me!" It's funny to me that even though we were all kids once ourselves, kids still manage to catch us by surprise with the way they say and do things!
On a more serious note, although I know it's much more nerve wracking to me than anybody else just because it's my kid, we have to take Isaac in on Wednesday to Primary's to get some dental work done. I hate to admit this because I'm so ashamed that my lack of attention is somewhat to blame for his problems, but about 4 weeks ago I was brushing Isaac's teeth, which he hates and fights me with horribly. Because he fights me so bad, I haven't been the best at brushing everyday, and I never really checked his teeth after brushing just because he was usually so upset I would finish and just let him go. Well, 4 weeks ago I had a feeling to check his teeth after I had finished brushing them, just to make sure I had gotten them good enough. I was horrified to see that at the gum line on all four of his front teeth were big old craters of cavities! At first I thought I had just really missed some food, but when I tried to brush them, I realized they were actually holes with cavities! I felt awful! I called my pediatricians office to see if they could recommend a good pediatric dentist, and they did and I made an appointment. We went in, and sure enough, he has cavities on both the front and back of all four front teeth, as well as big cavities in 3 molars. Because he is so young, we have to take him up to Primary's to get the work done. They basically put them out and do all the work at once. He will have to get caps for all four of his front teeth, and possibly two of the three molars. One molar will probably just need a simple filling. I know that other children have had to do this, including my two youngest siblings and two of my nieces and nephews as well. I know this is a fairly normal procedure that they do often with kids now, so there is really nothing to worry too much about, but I know I'm still going to be a basket case when it's time. I'm trying not to be, but first of all, I know even though it's normal, he's going to have a few rough days after the procedure just because it doesn't usually feel good to get dental work done, let alone so much at one time! I also feel guilty because I feel like he's going to have to endure this pain because of me. The dentist thinks that the cavities are from two main things. One, he uses a bottle still, and at night still as well. I knew this wasn't the best thing, but to be honest, Caydin used a bottle after I weaned him up until about 2 months before he passed away, and his teeth weren't like this! I've also brushed my kids teeth all about the same, and neither Caydin nor Eden have had cavities like this! So, the second factor that added to Isaac's development of cavities is because he's a mouth breather at night. For some reason breathing through your mouth at night I guess can cause cavities. So, the combination of bottle use, not the best brushing, and mouth breathing created a prime environment for cavities. I couldn't do much about the mouth breathing, but the other two I wish I'd been better at! Anyway, I think it would be hard enough going through the procedure anyway, but two other things are also making it more nerve wracking. One, Isaac has asthma, which has the potential to make him going under slightly more risky. They will do a physical on him before the procedure to make sure his lungs are clear enough. If they are not, they will reschedule. Two, I hate hospitals ever since Caydin passed away, and it's even harder that this is the same hospital that Caydin passed away in! It's a different area of the hospital, but I still am not looking forward to having to sit in a waiting room, waiting for it to get done! Caydin had a small surgery when he was 9 months old, and I'm pretty sure we'll be in the same waiting room, so there will be some memories and thoughts of Caydin while we are waiting! I think it's also going to be hard to see Isaac when he gets out and we get to go back with him. I'm sure he'll still be groggy from the anesthetic, and I don't think I'm going to like seeing him like that AT ALL! But, I don't know how to get around it. He has to get his teeth taken care of, and I'm amazed he's not crying everyday out of pain! Maybe this is why he doesn't eat very well! It hurts too much! Anyway, I've got to go, but if anyone who reads this will say a small prayer for us for Wednesday to go smoothly for us, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Week!

Another week has gone by! I went to lunch today with my friends, Wendy and Emily, which was a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Wendy, and I'm SO sorry I forgot for so long!! This picture of EmmaLee and I shows off EmmaLee's talented tongue! Anyway, I know this is really short and choppy, but I'm in a bit of a rush, but wanted to post something! I'll have to write again soon when I have more time! Hope everyone else's week was great!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Already!

I can't believe it is April already, and actually already almost a week into it! We've had a somewhat busy week, but luckily not from anything bad! We had my youngest brother and sister over for a sleepover this last week, along with a niece and a nephew, so we've been busy playing and having fun! That along with just a couple of other things we needed to do had us going up to Sandy and back a few times, and before I knew it, a week has gone by! Here are some random pictures we've taken this last week!

On one of our drives back to our house from Sandy, Isaac was getting restless, so I gave him Rob's basketball. He was "shooting" it off my headrest, and it would fall back into his lap, so he'd shoot again! What was more amazing is when we actually watched him, he had pretty good hand position!

I thought this was a great picture of Isaac! He and Eden were playing and he found his snow boots, and decided to wear them around the house. Of course, he didn't have any pants on, so it made the look just all that much better!!

So, this picture of EmmaLee is funny because she is actually doing this on purpose! She has learned to "wink" her eyes! If you bat your eyes at her, or squeeze your eyes shut and then open them, she does it back to you! Some days she'll do it, and others she won't, but it sure is cute when she'll do it!

Finally, Eden has taken after her Aunt Melanie in the self portrait area! Whenever I get my camera out these days, she has to take some pictures. She will take pictures of other things, but there's always at least one or two self portraits of herself!

We enjoyed conference this weekend as well, and it always amazes me how personal most of the talks feel. I went into this conference really wanting to get a few answers or helps in a few areas, and it seems like some of the talks were directed straight to me! It is such a huge blessing to have a living prophet and apostles, and I am so grateful everyday that I get to have the blessings of the gospel in my life! I can't wait for the talks to be printed so I can go back and read them! There are so many good things said that I need to reread them before I can even come close to really catching all the wonderful things said!