Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Christmas!

And a happy New Year!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Eden got her cast off today!!! Since October 12th, she has had 3 casts, and one foot surgery, and now we are D-O-N-E (well, at least for a while!)! We had a party, cake and all tonight to celebrate the great occasion! And, Eden had her first shower in 2 months (she's had baths, but anyone who has ever had a cast knows how rushed and uncomfortable it is trying to bath while keeping the leg out of water), and it is actually the first time her right leg from below the knee has been cleaned since she got her cast! Let me tell you how gross a leg and foot look after being in a cast for 2 months!!! She had a layer of dead skin on the bottom of her foot that looked thick enough to be a sole of a shoe, and it was YELLOW! It was disgusting! The good thing about having a five year old, though, is that she is old enough to scrub it herself, which is an improvement to me having to do all the scrubbing when they were babies and had to have casts! Her scars look really good and have mostly healed already. There were more than I knew of, actually. They had to make a few extra incisions to complete what they were doing, so she has several on the top of her foot, one on each side, and a couple of the bottom, and the one under her toe. But, really I don't think they are going to scar that bad in the long run because they all already look really good! The one that looks the least healed is actually the one under her toe, which is the only one that still has a stitch visible! The rest of her leg is still really dry, and she is having to work on flexibility on her ankle and toe (the poor toe now sticks almost straight out and doesn't bend at all-she has to manually bend it with her fingers and the doctor said it will eventually "remember it's a toe" in the next few weeks!), but we are just so glad her cast is off! She started walking on it right away while the doctor was still there, which I had been worried about since I knew her skin was going to be sensitive, and I wasn't sure after having the support of a cast for two months how well she was going to do walking, but she did great! Isaac had his feet looked at today as well, but he is still super flexible! He actually shows some bad signs, like pulling his big toe up first when he walks, but the doctor said he is so flexible that he's not worried about it for now! It's something we'll have to watch, but he has always been a lot more flexible than Eden. When Eden was Isaac's age, she was already stiff. We've known this surgery that Eden just had was a possibility and probably going to happen probably since Eden was Isaac's age, but we just kept trying little things to see if she would eventually be able to stretch it out from using it. So, hopefully this procedure isn't in Isaac's future! I'm so glad we got her cast off today too because with winter finally deciding to come and the weather turning so cold and snow finally falling a bit, I couldn't really cover Eden's cast very well, and so her toes were always hanging out and getting cold! I'm so glad she can wear socks on both feet now and shoes so her toes won't freeze anymore at school!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Pictures and Christmas Tree

This last weekend we put up our Christmas tree. Rob made a special platform that has a real mini electric train that is going around it and is surrounded by Rudolph figures he's been collecting since we got married and put it near the top of the tree, and it looks great! So, following are pictures of the tree, and also just some random pictures I thought were cute that I wanted to post as well! They aren't in any kind of an order because I'm too tired to think that much, so I'm just leaving them the way they came up! If your interested in the books by my friend Robyn, my husband just finished the third bookcover. You can see it at his blog, which I have a link to on my blog list links. He also added more of his graphic design work to showcase more of his portfolio. Check it out!

This is a top view of the platform with the train.

A view from the other side.

Another view. Notice how the Abominable is putting on the star, just like in the movie!

This was just a random picture I got of Isaac that I think is so funny! He looks so old to me in this picture, like a little boy and not my little toddler anymore!

When Eden had her surgery, my mom, brother, and sisters came to visit and brought some gifts for all the kids. Since it was right after Halloween, they had found some costumes for really cheap and bought one for each of the kids, and this cop outfit is the one they got Isaac. I think he looks so cute, and just funny in it!

Like I said, no order here, but this is a full view of the tree. As a side note, the tree originally did have ornaments all the way down, but I waited too long to get my pictures, which means I didn't take pictures the second we were done decorating, so already the kids have emptied the bottom half of the tree. At least it still has lights!!

I would like to say that my children are angels all the time, but this picture shows at least one of them does have a slightly darker side at times! Actually, EmmaLee was posing for Eden, so she wasn't actually this mad, but it makes me laugh every time I see it!!

This is the costume my mom got EmmaLee. Compared to the last picture, doesn't she look like such a sweet thing?! You'd never know it was the same girl!

I love this picture of Eden and EmmaLee! I hope they will always be close as sisters, and I love that in the last few months EmmaLee has really started interacting with Eden and Isaac so much more! I love seeing them play together!

I've posted self portraits of Eden before, and this is another one that she picked out to have me post! She calls it her big eyes picture! She just loves to see how she looks when trying out new faces and looks! I love her curiosity!

I am also excited to say that Eden gets her last cast off a week from today, next Monday!! She has had a cast on since the second week of October, so it will be almost a full two months! We are so excited to almost be through with it!!! Also, whoever sent that Christmas card to us this last week, we just wanted to thank you for it; it was very meaningful to us!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Pie. . .

If I was clever enough, I would write a song about how happy I am that Thanksgiving is this week, which means I get to have turkey dinner with all the dressings, not once, but twice! Turkey dinners are my favorite!!! Yeah for Thanksgiving! (sorry, must be a pregnant thing again with the food!)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A more Positve side

First of all, thank you for everyone that commented on my last entry. I was nervous about sharing it, but the support I have received has touched me so deeply, and I'm so grateful for all the kindness!

I wanted to share another thought related to Caydin's accident. I needed to share and deal with the reality of my experience with him, but I also wanted to share something a little more positive about it as well. For about a month after Caydin's accident, I struggled with nightmares of my children or loved ones dying in horrible ways, and I struggled even when I was awake to deal with flashbacks of the accident and everything that happened. I was given beautiful blessings, and I had felt the spirit confirming to me that it had been Caydin's time to go. Still, I didn't know how to fight my memories of the accident. Finally, after praying for help and comfort, the spirit touched my heart and gave me this thought. Think of his (Caydin's) experience. Suddenly I could see it in a whole new light. As I mentioned in my last post, from the time Caydin first started choking and when he actually passed out was only about 30-45 seconds. After that, I believe he was on the other side of the veil more than on this side. What a glorious reception it must have been for him! He is a spiritual giant, and he was greeted by who knows how many on the other side! At first, I worried about who would be taking care of him on the other side since he was a child, but it didn't take me long to find in books written by the apostles the truth that our spirits were fully grown when we arrived here, and they go back to that same state in the after life, even if they are a much younger or older age here in this life. So, he was not a 2 1/2 year old spirit in heaven, but a fully mature spirit. That was also slightly hard for me because it made it hard for me to imagine my son; I never knew him as an adult. But, I was much more relieved to think of him in that state overall, fully capable of taking care of himself and having a greater understanding, far greater than mine, of life! Also, within just a month or so I was at the temple, and as I was sitting in the Celestial Room after a session and enjoying the peace and calm I felt there and wishing I could take that feeling with me and keep it with me all the time, I realized that where Caydin is feels like that all the time! While it is still hard to miss him all the time, I was able to finally feel some peace about the accident knowing that my son's experience had been a wonderful experience and that he was in a place of peace, beauty, and joy! I don't think he likes to see us hurt, but he also sees the eternal perspective and I think he might see our pains as we might see a small child's over some trivial thing. You feel bad that they are hurting, and it might even make you cry, but you know that they will be okay and that in the long run, it isn't going to ruin them! As Caydin's mother, I feel peace knowing he at least didn't have the experience I did at his accident. And, thanks to a perfect Eldest Brother and His atonement, and a perfect, loving Heavenly Father and His plan of happiness, there has been and will be peace and comfort and understanding of that day, and I have the blessing of having hope I wouldn't have otherwise. Because of my human nature, I do struggle still with my memories a bit, but I am SO grateful for my knowledge of the great plan of happiness which has helped me see this incident in a more eternal perspective, which helps me to see that while a horrific experience in my minds eye at the time, I can also now recognize it as also being the wonderful moment in my son's life when he was welcomed to his true and eternal home, having passed his test of this life as a "good and faithful servent"!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Warning-Might not want to Read

Warning: following is some very raw information of a very sensitve nature that honestly might be more than some may want to handle. If you do not want to cry, or do not have a lot of time right now, skip it! I don’t really know if I should write this. There is a part of me that wants the story of what I have experienced to be out there, almost like by sharing it, it will somehow make it a little easier for me to deal with. It won’t be this big secret burden I have buried in my chest; I won’t have to try to deal with it on my own. But then I think it is wrong of me to share because I don’t want others to carry the same horrible images I do! But, right or wrong, I want to share the story of Caydin’s accident, but if you choose to not read it, I understand! It is very late at night, and I did not have the energy to go through and proof read it, so I hope it makes sense! Sorry for the loaded post entries tonight!

Rob and I had taken Caydin, then 2 years and 7 months, and Eden, who had turned one earlier that same month, to Bear Lake to go camping with Rob’s parents in their trailer. We had just gotten up and Helmut was making breakfast. Just as a side note, right before we got out of bed, Caydin, who was laying between Rob and I, had randomly given me a hug as we were laying there. It was the last hug I would get from him. It is a special memory for me. Anyway, one of the things we were making for breakfast was bacon, which was one of Caydin’s favorite foods! We always cooked them to a crisp. My last funny quote of Caydin’s was when we put a plate of bacon on the table, and his eyes got big and he said “Mine!”, to which we laughed and told him that he had to share with everyone. We were all still preparing everything else, so he was the only one sitting at the table. Only a minute later, someone, and I’m not even sure who, noticed that he seemed to be choking a bit. Please do not judge me for anything that I’m saying. I am going to be as honest in my feelings of the moment as I can be, and some of those thoughts still haunt me a bit today! I only admit these thoughts and feelings to help show how disorienting it is when something like this actually happens. Anyway, once we all noticed that he seemed to be struggling, my mother-in-law started to kind of panic and started telling everyone to lift him up, and pound him on the back. As a side note, when Rob and I were first married, his siblings teasingly warned me to expect middle of the night phone calls from his mom declaring that she had had a dream of something horrible about a child and to please go check on them to see if they were okay. She has a reputation in her family of being extremely paranoid. So, when she was panicking about Caydin, my first feeling was of annoyance. I thought to myself, “Oh quite being so dramatic. He’s fine.” I did go to him right away, but I also was deceived by thinking he was okay because of something I had learned in my EMT class, which was if a person is making a noise, they aren’t totally choking. While I could tell he was struggling, I could hear a slight wheezing noise, so I assumed, and I think in my mind wanted to believe, that it wasn’t that bad yet. But it only took a few seconds to realize this was worse than I had thought. His eyes started rolling, and his face started turning blue. I remember my father-in-law, who had been a firefighter and paramedic for 26 years grabbing him and stepping right outside the trailer where there was more room and starting to give him the Heimlich. I just watched in a stupor, not able to really comprehend what was happening. Then I remember Helmut saying in a desperate voice, “He’s passed out!” Suddenly I had Caydin in my arms, and I was laying him down on the trailers floor saying out loud, “Oh God, oh God help us!” as I continued giving him chest thrusts. I kept sweeping his mouth, but never felt anything. I remember thinking that I should give him rescue breaths, and stupid human that I am, even in this situation, I remember being slightly grossed out about the possibility of getting saliva in my mouth. I only hesitated for less than a second, but I hate that the thought even crossed my mind. Knowing the outcome now, I wish I would have tried using my mouth as a section to try to get the stupid bacon out, or tried sticking my whole hand down his throat as far as it could just to try to get that bacon. It couldn’t have resulted in a worse outcome! Anyway, while I was doing this, Rob gave Caydin a blessing, which I don’t really even remember what was said. After just a couple of minutes of this, we realized we needed more help, so I grabbed Caydin and Rob and I rushed to the car. I still remember how it felt to be carrying my limp little boy, and how his arms and legs bounced lifelessly around as I ran. Eden stayed with Helmut and Shirley. As we started driving towards the campgrounds entrance, I’m sure people thought we were stupid and reckless, and I am grateful nobody was on the road for us to have to try to avoid. I was trying to give Caydin rescue breaths as we were driving, but because the bacon was still stuck, I didn’t know how effective they were. When we got to the entry booth, we stopped, planning on only finding out where some kind of hospital or clinic was. The girl working at the booth told us to bring him into the booth, which was more like a mini cabin, and she would call an ambulance. We were on the south west border of Bear Lake, so Garden City was only a few minutes away. Some of my memories are a blur, or at least I was enough out of it to realize how and when people got there, but it seemed like right as we were taking him into the booth, some people who had been in a car behind us followed us in. It turns out they had been camping next to us and heard the commotion and followed us there. The woman was a practicing nurse practitioner, and her husband also did something in the medical field, so as soon as we got inside, they started CPR on Caydin. I was wearing one of Rob’s sweatshirts, and I remember just sitting at Caydin’s head and crying into the sleeves of the shirt. I remember someone saying that we needed to move our car because it was blocking the way of the ambulance being able to get out once it got there. I took that opportunity to do something and ran out to move it. There was a bit of empty field right in front of the booth, so I jumped in and pulled the car forward. To this day, I can’t explain this part, but I remember when I was getting into the car, I saw the ambulance on the main road. The campground entrance was in a fence, and then about 20 yards off the road, which was all empty field. I saw the ambulance and was glad it was there, but when I pulled the car forward, I never saw it pass me, so I thought it had missed the entrance, and I was so upset! But when I turned and went back to the cabin, there was the ambulance! To this day I have no idea how I missed it driving past me! I was so glad to see it! Once they got there, they went in and got Caydin and brought him out to the ambulance where they were FINALLY able to suction the bacon out of his throat. They then proceeded to give him CPR and hook him up to their machines. They escorted me to the front of the ambulance where I sat in the passenger seat, and we were off. Rob was to follow in a car behind us. At first I was upset that I wasn’t in the back with Caydin, but then I was glad. We were headed to Evanston, Wyoming, which was the nearest hospital with a decent trauma unit, and also happened to be a 45 minute drive away, even in an ambulance going over 80 miles an hour most of that time. It was somewhat of a blur to me. I think by this time I was officially in some sort of shock. I remember looking out the window a few times at the empty fields rolling by thinking, “It’s like you always hear, ‘It’s like I’m in a dream’, and here I am, living this nightmare!” I would look back occasionally just to see them continuing CPR, and have to look away. I remember thinking how rough it looked on his poor little body to have them pushing so hard on his chest! The ambulance driver was an angel, and tried her best to make light conversation. I remember telling her that he had to make it because in his baby blessing he was blessed that he would do well in his school work, so that meant he was going to make it or else how would he be able to even do school work? To help illustrate how out of it I really was mentally at this time, about 5 minutes before we got to Evanston, the guys in the back yelled up that they had a heart beat! I remember the ambulance driver reaching over and with tears in her eyes, grabbing my hand and squeezing it at the good news. Unfortunately, for me, it was like a bucket of cold water had just been splashed on my face. In spite of my EMT training, it had not occurred to me, even though I had been watching him receive CPR for almost the entire last hour, that his heart had stopped, and technically, he had been “dead” that whole time! I realized how serious it really was in that moment. Soon we were at the hospital, and I followed them in. They immediately took him into a room and curtained it off. I sat there alone, shaking and scared, not sure what to do. I think because it is a smaller town, we were the only patients there. I remember a lady coming up to me with some paperwork. She was really nice, and I was actually kind of glad to have something to try to focus on. I tried to give her brief details, like our names and address, and I remember having to sign some papers, although even I could barely recognize my writing. They finally allowed me into the room with Caydin, where they were busy hooking him up to machines and trying to get his vitals somewhat stabilized. I stood by his head and told him mommy was there and it was going to be okay. There were at least half a dozen people surrounding him, working on him. At one point, I remember one of the EMT’s turning to me and asking me if I had considered organ donation. I still to this day am somewhat mad at him. There I was alone, with my son, and he’s asking me to consider organ donation when I was still trying to grasp how only about an hour earlier, my son was a healthy, vibrant child, full of life. And, I figured it wasn’t really his place to ask this question. It should have been a doctor. If they hadn’t given up on his chances, why should I?! I don’t remember what I said, but not too long after Rob arrived. I feel horrible that he had had to drive that whole way to Evanston by himself, not knowing what was going on. What a hell of a drive. Rob and a different EMT proceeded to give Caydin another blessing, and they prepared him to be life-flighted to Primary’s. We walked out with them to the helicopter, where we kissed him good-bye, and watched them go. I remember thinking to myself how sad and ironic it was that Caydin was getting to ride in a helicopter, but wasn’t able to enjoy it! He had a fascination with planes and helicopters, and always looked for them in the sky when he heard them! We then walked back inside to wait for Helmut, Shirley, and Eden to get there. They had followed Rob, but had to go back and hook the trailer up first, so were a bit behind him. They led us to a little office where I used the phone to call my dad and tell him what had happened and begged him to go to Primary’s so Caydin wouldn’t be there alone till we could get there. After the call, they brought me some medicine to try to help calm my nerves, and they also brought me some hospital socks. When everything had happened at the trailer, I had only been wearing socks, and it must have rained a bit the night before, because there were puddles. When we had jumped in the car, I had not put shoes on, and just from the different times I had been out walking, my feet had gotten wet, and by this time were frozen. The sweet nurse sat down at my feet, removed my old socks, and gently put on the dry socks. It wasn’t a huge thing, but to me, it was one of the sweetest, kindest acts anyone has done for me; her silent and simple way of mourning with those who mourn. They brought us food, which I tried to eat, but couldn’t. Soon, Helmut and Shirley arrived with Eden, and I just held her. Rob’s brother had been on his way up to the camp when this all happened, so they also showed up about this same time at the hospital, which was a blessing because his wife drove their car, and he drove Helmut and Shirley’s truck so Helmut could drive Rob and I to Primary’s. Ironically, Eden’s car seat buckle broke at the hospital, so we ended up having to put her in Caydin’s car seat, and I thought how sadly ironic that the car seat was available for her to use. We then made the approximately hour and a half drive to Primary Children’s hospital, which because of the medicine they had given me, went by calmer and faster than I think it should have.

When we finally got to the hospital, I don’t remember how we found out where to go, but I remember walking down the hall towards the entrance of the PICU. My parents were there, waiting just outside because they hadn’t allowed them to actually go into the PICU. I only stopped briefly to greet them, and hurried to the doors where there was a phone. You have to pick the phone up, and then a receptionist answers and you tell her who you are, and they she opens the doors for you. Rob and I went in, and a nurse led us to where Caydin was. They don’t really have rooms for most of the kids in there, just sectioned off curtains, but Caydin was in a more remote area. It was actually more of a room, just with a wider entryway that still had curtains instead of a door. I saw Caydin laying there, with what seemed like hundreds of tubes coming out from everywhere in his body. He had been there long enough, that they had already run most of the tests on him, and were just trying to keep him stabilized. The doctor was in the room, and started talking to us about what they knew so far, which wasn’t much, but also wasn’t good. From the tests they had done so far, they hadn’t been able to detect any brain activity. They still had a brain test they wanted to run on him, but basically we had a very sick and seriously ill little boy. I remember feeling confused, and not really grasping the idea that our little boy, even if he lived, would never be the same. As we went over and stood by him, one very obvious thing that was happening that we asked the doctor about was his breathing. He was hooked up to a respirator, but as the doctor explained, his brain was still on a very instinctual level of trying to breath. I guess it is a function that the very bottom of the brain stem does. As a result, even though he was hooked up to a respirator that was doing all his breathing for him, his body was still trying to breath, which resulted in every second or two, his head tilting slightly back, his chest raising, and his body basically looking like it was trying to take a gasping breath. This would end with his body relaxing, causing his teeth to slightly clamp down on his respirator tube, making a slight clinking sound. I heard this sound for slightly more than the next 24 hours. The doctor said this reaction was a sign of significant brain damage. I remember him asking us, when we first got there, how long Caydin had gone without oxygen. At first I wanted to say it hadn’t of been very long, but as I thought back on it, I realized it had probably been at least 10 minutes, more like 15 before the ambulance had gotten there and was able to remove the bacon, and from my EMT training, I knew that after even 5 minutes, serious brain damage usually occurred, and I remember telling the doctor it had been a long time, and then just bursting into sobs. Caydin remained stable through the afternoon, and they were able to do another brain test on him while he was laying in bed. When the doctor came to explain what they had found later that night, he said it did not look good and that they had detected no brain activity. We asked what that meant, and he said that basically even if he lived, he would be a vegetable and have a very low level of existence. As he was telling us all this, we were standing a few feet away from the bottom of his bed. The nurse had just come in to change out his heart medication because it was almost gone. I want to add here that pretty much the only organ in his body that was even kind of functioning on it’s own was his heart, and even that was with the assistance of very strong medication that was being pumped consistently into his body. The nurse basically pulled the tube out of the old bag, hooked it up to the new bag of medicine, a process that literally took less than 3 seconds. But, when the small amount of fluid got to Caydin that did not have the medicine in it, he crashed. I have never seen people show up so quickly. It was like people popped out of the walls themselves. They were giving him CPR again, and there was this mad, organized, chaos around Caydin. The doctor, ironically, was not a part of the mass of people, and was still standing by us. I started bawling, and was panicking about if this was it. The doctor turned to Rob and I and asked us if we wanted them to continue. I couldn’t talk, but Rob said that yes, he wanted them to keep trying. After only a couple of minutes, they were actually able to stabilize him again. Obviously it was a very upsetting moment, and after a few minutes had passed and things were a bit calmer again, Rob and I talked and decided that if Caydin crashed again, we would not try to keep him here. By this time it was well into the night. We had many family come, and they had a conference room right outside the PICU, I’m sure for times like this, which had become our headquarters. Once we were there to give the approval, the grandparents were allowed to go back and see Caydin as well, and as others came to the hospital, we would take a few back at a time to see him. I was overwhelmed by the amount of family that came, some from hours away! I think feeling their love and support was a huge reason I was able to get through this time at the hospital with some source of comfort. Not too long after we had gotten to the hospital, someone brought me a fresh change of clothes, and Rob and I went into a bathroom that was in the PICU to freshen up. We took that opportunity of being alone to kneel together and pray to our Heavenly Father. We asked him to heal our son, but asked for strength to get through whatever His will was, and to help us know what His will was so we could make the right decisions. As night came, family went home to sleep, but our parents stayed with us. They also have a room outside the PICU that is like a little hotel. It mostly has a big main room with a TV and many couches, almost like a waiting room. But, attached to this main room are about 5 or 6 small rooms with beds in them. Rob and I were assigned one of these rooms, but our parents had to make due on the couches. The hospital provides many pillows and blankets, so people are able to at least have a place to sleep. Rob and I did go into the room and tried to get some sleep with the nurse’s promise that if anything happened or changed, she would get us right away. I don’t know exactly how long I slept, but I think it was a couple of hours. I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I left Rob there and went back to sit by Caydin. By this time it was early Sunday morning on August 28th, 2005. His accident had happened on Saturday, August 27th, at approximately 8:00 in the morning. The day continued much the same way the day before had. More family came, and I remember getting a phone call from my Aunt Lynette, who is my dad’s oldest brother’s wife. I can’t actually remember if she called Saturday sometime, or Sunday, but there was a phone in Caydin’s room. Several people had called, but I had always let someone else, like one of our parents, answer it and talk to whoever it was. For some reason, I ended up answering this call, and Lynette said who it was and asked how he was. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I know it was that it was pretty serious. Lynette told me, with a faltering voice, that there were many family members up in Cache Valley thinking and praying for us, and again, I felt so overwhelmed and grateful for the love and support of so many. As Sunday wore on, it became apparent that Caydin was declining. The doctor explained to us that when a person dies, or when their heart stops beating, the body almost instantly starts deteriorating, and many parts start to liquidize. During the time right after Caydin choked and didn’t have a heartbeat, his body started the death process. As a result, he was basically a very sick little boy. One of his major complications, besides brain damage, was that his lungs were full of liquid. They were so full that the only way they had stabilized him was by basically turning the respirator so high and fast that it was like they had blown his lungs up like a balloon. They had to keep the pressure high, because they were basically forcing the liquid to the sides to provide a middle space that could have air. If they lowered the pressure, his lungs would fill up with liquid and he would basically drown in his own fluids. That’s how I understood it anyway! So, as Sunday went on, his oxygen saturation was starting to drop, and they weren’t having any luck getting it to go back up. I was sitting next to him listening to two respirator techs, the doctor, and the nurse talk about what actions they could take. They were pretty much down to one option, which involved taking the respirator completely out and then trying to once again to somehow put it back in and re-pump up his lungs. As I sat there listening to them, I realized two things. Because of what they had said, I realized that the process was going to be very messy. They also made it clear that there was a very small chance of this actually working, so I also realized that there would be a good chance that this would be it, and I was going to lose my son amidst mess and chaos, surrounded by hospital staff fighting to keep him here when it wasn’t meant to be, until we or they finally said enough and declared him gone. I didn’t want it to end that way! So, as they were talking about this, I interrupted them midsentence and told them, “No, you can’t do that! He has been through enough.” Whether it was my imagination or not, I don’t know, but I thought I saw a bit of relief come over their faces. I think they knew he wasn’t going to make it, but they felt obligated to do every last thing they could think of to try to save him. Even though I had had those realizations, I remember still feeling like it was someone else talking to them when I told them no. I felt some fear inside me that made me wonder if I was making the right decision, or if I was just making the selfish decision because I didn’t want to be there anymore. At that point, we talked to the doctor about what was ahead of us and what to expect. By telling them not to do that procedure, we pretty much were acknowledging that we were letting him go. I felt a little guilty because I hadn’t even talked to Rob about whether or not this was the course we wanted to take, but I have since talked to Rob about it and he said he was grateful I said it and he knows it was the right thing to do. The doctor told us that we pretty much had two options at this point. We could leave everything the way it was, and Caydin would eventually pass away on his own; it could be in an hour, or it could be in a day or two. His levels would just continue dropping until his body completely shut down. The other option was to choose to stop giving him his heart medication. Like I said before, his heart was pretty much the only thing that was still functioning remotely by itself. We decided to take him off his medication for a couple of reasons. One, I felt that if he was meant to stay, his heart would continue beating even without the medication. Two, I couldn’t stand the thought of watching him slowly die. Even though they told us that his brain was so far gone that he wasn’t feeling or experiencing any of the physical discomfort of his body, it was hard for me to grasp that. I saw my little boy lying on that bed with tubes coming out of everywhere, and I just wanted to take it away from him. I didn’t want him to suffer, and it was hard for me to believe he wasn’t there. Several times while at the hospital, as I sat next to him, I would lift his eyelids and look into his eyes, hoping and praying to see some kind of life in them. I never saw it, but I just couldn’t let him suffer in that condition longer than necessary. They told us that by taking him off his medications, he would pass away within just a few minutes, and it would be very peaceful. So, that’s what we decided to do. Before we took him off the medication, we got to spend some time with him. Up to this point, we had only been allowed to sit next to him because he was hooked up to so many vital machines that to attempt to hold him could have messed one up. Once we made this decision, it wasn’t so important if they got messed up, so we finally got to hold our little boy in our arms. Rob and I took turns holding him, and the hospital allowed all our family that was there to come back with us. I bet there were well over 20 people there! They kind of formed a line and walked by to say their good-byes. Then they all left , including the nurses for a few minutes to give Rob and I alone time with him. How do you say goodbye to your baby?! I told him that he was going to have to watch over us and his siblings because we were going to need his help to get through this. I told him I was so blessed to be his mother, and that I was sorry for all the mistakes I had made with him. After we were ready, we invited all our family back into the room with us, and the nurse stopped his medication. I don’t really remember what everyone else was doing, but I don’t remember thinking that they were all just staring at us waiting for him to go. It was like everyone was in quiet conversation with everyone else. I was actually fairly calm at this point, just watching trying to enjoy my lost moments holding my son. I remember looking up at the monitor, and watching the stats get lower and lower. I finally heard a sigh from Caydin, and then there was a little bit of liquid in his mouth tube, but he finally quite taking those jerky breaths. The respirator was still on, so his body wasn’t totally still, so I did look up at the nurse to confirm that he was gone, and she nodded her head once, and I bent my head over my son and sobbed. I have never cried so loudly, and not yelling or moaning, but just sobbing so hard my breaths seemed so loud, but I didn’t care. He was gone. I honestly don’t know how long I sobbed like that before finally calming down. They invited a volunteer in who makes molds of deceased children’s hand prints for the parents to take home. Ironically, they make it with the same stuff that Rob and I had been using that summer to create whole hand molds of hands and feet. We had even tried to start a company called Heavenly Hands Memories where we were making kits for people to do their own, or offered to do make the molds ourselves. When we saw what it was, we asked them if they could please do a whole hand mold with me holding Caydin’s hand. Because of our business, we had made sample molds, which included several of Caydin’s hand alone, and one of Rob and Caydin’s hand, but I didn’t have one with Caydin. The lady was willing to try, even though she had never done it, and with our help, we were able to get a perfect mold me Caydin’s hand in mine. I have long ago decided that if my house ever caught on fire, after making sure my family was out safe, if I could only grab one thing, it would be those molds of Caydin’s hands! It’s a perfect replica of his hands, and the one with my hand has his hand slightly open, so more than once, I have stuck my finger in his little hand and imagined how it felt when he would squeeze my finger. After making the mold, we held him a little longer before they told us that he was starting to stiffen and that they really needed to be able to prepare him. We laid him on his bed, and they let us help clean his body. They removed all the tubes, and we gave him a sort of sponge bath. Then we helped wrap him in a blanket, and we left the room. Walking out of that room was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I felt like I was leaving my little child in an unfamiliar place. I was his mother! I was supposed to take care of him! I couldn’t just leave him with strangers! What if he was scared! It was hard for me to grasp the idea that he wasn’t there anymore. They took us to a room where a counselor had been talking to our parents. I don’t remember everything we talked about or even how long we were in there talking. The only thing I remember talking about was when the counselor asked us if we knew which mortuary we wanted to go through, and I just started back at her like she had spoken a different language. Not once in my life had I ever thought, gee, if someone I know dies, I want to go through so-and-so. I was saved from having to try to make a decision when Helmut mentioned that when his parents had passed away in previous years, they had gone through Goff Mortuary, and they had been good to work with and they had been pleased with their experience there. He also mentioned that when he had helped to purchase a burial plot for his parents, he and Shirley had bought into a plan where they bought their own grave sites and were paying on them so when they passed away, that wouldn’t be a burden on their family. He told us we could use one of those plots, which was at the Memorial Hills cemetery located on the same road as Brighton High school, but a mile or two further east. I was grateful I was spared from having to figure out all that myself. After talking to the counselor, we left. Again, leaving the hospital I had the same feelings as when I left the room. It just felt wrong to be leaving my little boy there. And that is the story of Caydin’s accident. There were still many things that happened that week with the funeral and everything, but that is a story for a different day. If anyone has made it this far, please know I am okay talking about this, and I don't even mind answering questions. I have been living with this for over 4 years now, and while I am more weak right now than I have been, there have been many comforting times, and I have come to accept and truely believe it was Caydin's time to go. The fact that I am actually sharing this story is a sign for me that I have grown and am dealing with these things okay. I can finally share it without it so completely overwhelming me, although I did cry plenty writing it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stupid Ecomony

Warning: following is a long, dramatic entry that I will probably feel embarrassed about in the morning, but for tonight, I have to vent. I feel like most of the time I somehow manage to keep a fairly optimistic outlook of our economic situation. I lived with my in-laws for all but the first 6 months of 5 1/2 years of marriage. Then we had a great year where it seemed like our sacrifices of getting through school was paying off and we finally had a place of our own, even if it was rented. We were finally feeling more stable and "normal". Then the economy failed. My husband was laid off, and our stability was gone. Less than a year after my husband lost his job, we once again found ourselves living with my mother-in-law. We are back to where we started. But, this time is even more frustrating because my husband has the skills, ability, and talent to provide a decent income for us, but because of the economy, he can't get a job! We found out from a company that he had an interview with that they received over 160 applications for the job, so the fact that he even got an interview was amazing, but it doesn't really bring much comfort at the end of the day when you don't get the job and know that you have to start over again with just trying to find a job to apply for, and then hoping you beat out all the competition just for an interview, and hoping you might even have that slight chance of actually getting the job! When will it end?! When will it finally be our turn?! I'm having such a hard time lately not being jealous of almost everybody around me who have a job and stability! I am glad that so many people we know are doing okay in this area, but I just wish we were one of them too! We feel so helpless because we are trying to do what we are suppose to, applying for everything we can, and like I said, Rob has the skills, but things just aren't clicking for us. I am grateful for my job at the library, but only working part-time at a little over $8 an hour just doesn't bring much money home for a family of 5! And, it is hard emotionally because I want to be home with the kids, Rob wants to be the one out working, the kids want me to be home with them, and I'm pregnant which complicates working as well! It's tough too because we have the added pressure of wondering what will happen if the time comes for me to have the baby and nothing else has worked out still. Do I have the baby and then try to go back to work at the library? I have to have c-sections, so I literally would have physical limitations for at least 2 months, and I have found that the library is A LOT more physical that I had thought it would be! But, I am really hoping something would happen before then anyway! I'm just so drained right now! Rob and I will have been married 8 years in March, and it seems like since we have been married, it has been one trial after another, and BIG trials too! I'm not upset with my marriage, because this is not the case where my husband is a bum who just won't do anything. Like I said before, he has the skills and ability to provide for us, but because of the economy, isn't able to at this time. Life has just been hard for us, and after almost 8 years, I am feeling a little warn down and discouraged. There are so many things I have that I am grateful for, like my husband and my children, and the gospel, which gives me hope of the eternal perspective of life. Even though I don't think life will always be as hard for us, I do remember that even if we struggle for the rest of our lives, as long as we stay faithful and endure to the end, this life will be but a moment in our eternal lives, and there are better days ahead! I guess that for right this moment, my enduring feels a lot more like that, enduring, barely! I'm hoping that maybe my sudden blue feelings have something to do with pregnancy hormones so that tomorrow I will wake up feeling strong again. It doesn't help that I have got a cold, along with my kids, and that it's been a long, emotional week with Eden's surgery! Some weeks are just tougher than others, and this one has been a tough one!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finally! A few pictures!

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I finally was able to download some of my pictures! My new camera that is dead that I can't find the charger to I STILL cannot download because the memory card is locked, so I'm still unable to get my pictures from before August, but at least I can get the recent ones I've been taking with my old camera! So, following are going to be some pictures from several different things!

I'm starting with the most recent event, which is Eden's surgery. This is a picture of Eden today, and I can't tell you how happy and grateful it makes me feel to see a smile on her face! That didn't exsist yesterday, and today it has come and gone depending on if her meds are wearing off or not!

Here is a full body shot of our invalid. She still can't put any weight on it without it hurting her. Hopefully by the end of this weekend she will be able to start walking on it. Till then, she pretty much just sits with it elevated, or we carry her, or she has started hopping one footed short distances.

This is the cursed cast! Eden has been asking both yesterday and today, "Why did they do this to me?! I hate this cast!" She just about lost it when we finally explained to her that they cut her. You would have thought that they stole her dignity or something! "Why? Why would they do that to me?" We have tried to help her understand about her club foot and that the doctor is trying to help her foot to be more normal. I think she is finally grasping it because we went to the grocery store today and while checking out, the bagger asked her what happened to her foot. Eden: "I had surgery on it." Bagger: "What for?" Eden: "I was born with a club foot and they had to fix it." I was so amazed! She said it all calm and matter of fact. Since yesterday, when we have talked to her about it she gets all upset and makes us stop talking. I guess this means she's coming to grips with it!

For Halloween this year we went to the mall trick or treating in the early afternoon with my brother and his family, and my mom and younger brother and sister. The kids had fun, and it was kind of nice being indoors! Unfortunatly I didn't get the best shots of the kids and their costumes!

More mall trick or treating. That night we also went to my parents house and went trick or treating to a few houses there. My kids are still young enough that after just a half an hour of trick or treating, they were fine with being done! I might have been tempted to make them go longer so I could sneak more of their candy, but since I'm pregnant, sweets don't sound so good to me; lucky for them!

Earlier in the week, we also went to my parents ward's trunk or treat. That was also fun, but it was snowing while they went around to get candy!

Both Thomas and Laurie's birthdays were in October, so when Nick and his family were in town for Halloween, we also had a birthday party for them. This is a shot of Thomas opening one of his presants. He turned 12 this year, and he also received the priesthood, which was a fun thing to be there for!

This is Laurie opening one of her presants. She turned 10 years old, and I can't believe how fast both she and Thomas are growing up!

The rest of these are just random. EmmaLee has decided that she LOVES taking pictures, and I am often fighting for the right to use my camera. I don't think it helps that because I thought it was broken, I did tell her my old camera was hers, so when my new one became unuseable, and I became desperate and tried tinkering with my old one and found a way to get it to work (even if it is a pain in the butt!), she hasn't been to keen on giving it back! So, as a result, I try to take some pictures myself, and then she gets a turn. She takes very interesting pictures, including a lot of chest, butt and leg shots of people! I guess that's the view of a 2 year old! I also found when going through the pictures she's taken, she likes to take pictures of legs and feet. So, this is a picture she took of her own leg and foot.

Here is another example of Emma's love of people's legs.

This is the face Emma gave me when I told her it was my turn with the camera.

And this is the face she gave me when I told her she could have a turn when I was done!

This is also a very common picture EmmaLee gets when she is taking pictures. For a while, she always held the camera with her finger over the lens. We kept trying to explain to her to move her finger, and she has gotten better at it, but a lot of these kind still show up!

EmmaLee is not the only picture taker lover in the family. Eden has always loved taking pictures too, but probably at least half of all the pictures she takes are of herself, like this one! I blame my sister, Melanie, for teaching her this!

I didn't mean to actually post this last picture; it was for the recipe blog I belong to, but thought since I had downloaded it, I might as well leave it! Since I am pregnant, good food is important to me right now! After the stress of yesterday, I decided I really wanted a good dinner, so while at the grocery store, we splurged and got some of the more expensive steak, and got some asparagus as well. I cooked it for dinner tonight, using a new asparagus idea from a magazine we were reading while in the waiting room yesterday at the hospital! I had to improvise a bit since I didn't actually write down the recipe, but it turned out SOOOOOOO good! The asparagus had sesame seeds in it, salt, and a bit of soy sauce, and I sauteed it in olive oil. The steak was one of the most tender steak I have ever eaten, which I seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion salt, marjoram leaves, basil leaves, and rosemary. The potatoes were just instand mashed potatoes, so nothing special there! Anyway, just chock this picture up to me being pregnant!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eden's Surgery

Eden had surgery on her foot this morning. She had to get a tendon released on the arch of her foot, have a tendon moved over a few inches on the top of her foot, and get a tendon released on her fourth toe. It went really well, and we are home now, thank goodness! The hardest part was the couple of hours after surgery. They did have to put her under, and that is always hard to wake up from. She was pretty sad at the hospital in the recovery rooms. She actually woke up on her way back from the operating room, so by the time I got there, she had already been awake and was scared. I felt bad about that! She was in the first recovery room for about 40 minutes, then moved into another recovery room for about an hour, and then we got to come home. When she was finally able to eat a little, that helped a ton!! I think the pain meds helped a bit too! I'm sure we are still in for some rough moments for the next couple of days, but I'm glad to be past the hospital. Primary's is a great hospital, but it is not my favorite place. I didn't try to, but I couldn't help think about Caydin as we were driving there this morning. It was the last place I got to hold my sweet boy. I can still smell the medicines that seeped through his body, and it was sooo hard to smell that same smell on Eden today. It is such a low risk surgery, but for Rob and I, it was so much harder than even normal, which still isn't a fun experience for anyone! After Eden went into surgery, Rob and I decided to go down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I have to be honest and admit that I was kind of nervous to do so because I remember going down to the cafeteria the first night Caydin was there in the PICU. Even though we have been to the hospital many times since he passed away, we have never had to go back to that end of the hospital. So, I still associate that side with Caydin. But, I was relieved to see that they have totally remodeled that whole area, so it wasn't familiar one bit! That was a blessing! I'm glad we did go down because they originally were only going to release that bottom tendon and her toe, but after taking the cast off this morning and looking at her foot, the doctor felt like it would be very beneficial to also move the top tendon over a couple of inches. So, as a result, what was suppose to be a 45 minute procedure turned into a 2 hour procedure, and with the recovery, we ended up being there from 8:45 in the morning until 2:00 this afternoon! I would have been so sick if we hadn't of eaten! So, anyway, that has been our day. She now has lortab for a pain killer, but hopefully we won't have to use it too much. She probably won't be able to walk on it until at least tomorrow, but it could be a little longer. I'm sure it is going to be sore and sensitive! Oh, and we can't see any of the work that was done because they did put a cast over the top of it. She will have that on for 4 weeks, and then she will be DONE with her casts for a long time, I hope!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Proving a Point

If you haven't read my previous post, read that first, then read this one.

I told my supervisor today at the end of my shift that I was expecting. What where the first words out of her mouth? "I wondered if you might be! You are a smaller person and your stomach just didn't match." I'm 10 weeks today, and people have already suspected it now for a week or two! And these are fairly new people in my life that I kind of thought would just think that maybe I just had a bit of a belly, but no, it is already THAT obvious! Point proved.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pregnancy-the 5th Time Around

I have decided there are pros and cons to being pregnant for the 5th time:

-I know more what to expect during and after the pregnancy
-When morning sickness hits and I call my doctor, they simply ask where to send the prescription
-There isn't much left that I have to buy, especially with two previous girls and two previous boys
-The cute things the other kids say about the "baby" (example-what Isaac said to me after I turned down a Twinkie because I didn't want one, "but the baby wants one!")
-knowing that there really will be an end to pregnancy and being able to imagine it!

-I know more what to expect during and after the pregnancy
-Many of my pregnancy ailments keep getting worse, like my hips
-Considering having to go to maternity clothes by 10 weeks

There are probably more on both sides, but that's what I've been thinking about this last week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Check out this New Blog!

So, my wonderful husband decided to start a new blog that showcases some of his work. It includes photography, illustrations, and other graphic works. While he is looking for work, he has done some freelance work, including book covers for a trilogy a friend of ours wrote, two of which are published (Where the Wind Sings by Robyn M. Schow is the first one and Witch Way is the second one). We are hoping that having his work more available for people to look at will help us in the job area, so if anybody wants to pass along his blog site, we would appreciate it! His address is www.fischergraphics.blogspot.com Thanks!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Melanie and Danny's Wedding

So, on Friday, October 9, 2009, my sister married Daniel (Danny) Isaac in the Salt Lake temple. She was beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, and it was a beautiful day, both with all that happened, and weather wise! My camera died after just a few pictures in the morning, and I STILL haven't found my plug to charge it and to download it into the computer, so I borrowed some pictures from my sister-in-law so I could have something to show!

This is Melanie and Danny at their wedding breakfast, which was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was after their wedding ceremony.

This is Melanie and Danny dancing at their reception that night, which was at the Atruim at Western Gardens in Sandy. Melanie's dress was gorgeous, and she looked amazing in it!

This is Melanie and my dad dancing.

This is two of my kids and my brother's two kids at the reception that night. They had the cutest dresses and little outfits! Nick and Kimberly brought a dvd player, fish crackers, and some fruit snacks which entertained the kids for part of the night! Thanks guys, you were life savers!

I know I am just the sister, but being 8 years older than Melanie, and having no siblings between us, I really wanted to be the best sister in the world to her! I watched her a lot, and feel like I helped raise her, so watching her on her wedding day, I feel like I got a small taste of what it is going to be like to see my own girls get married. At the most random times of the day I felt myself getting emotional, and I am so happy for her and excited for her to begin this new chapter of her life! Danny is a great guy, and I am so excited for him to be a part of our family, even if his birthday isn't on May 30th and his oldest brother isn't named Ryan!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Good News!

Rob and I are expecting our fifth child!!! We are very excited, and a little nervous just because of our situation. My due date is May 25th. This is another reason I have been nervous to start my new job, which was today! I did not tell them I was expecting, so I'm not sure how they are going to handle it when I finally announce it. But, after working there even just today, they all seem really nice and easy going, so I'm sure things will work out! As for my first day, it started a little rocky, but ended up going well. The only reason it was rocky was because I was extremely morning sick this morning! I couldn't eat and was fighting most of the morning to keep from throwing up, so I was worried about what I was going to do once I got to work. I had to go to the city offices first to sign all my tax papers and to get a badge. I'm actually really glad I did have to do that because I didn't have to clock in there, so it bought me a few extra minutes at home to try to settle my stomach down. After that, I went to the library. It went pretty good. It was actually a lot less overwhelming than I thought it would be. They are pretty organized (I guess you would expect that from a library) and easy going, so while I know I still have a lot to learn, I at least feel like I have a pretty good overview of everything. I understand what goes on, now I will just be learning how to make it happen. I don't work again until next week, and then only twice. While it would be nice to have more money from working more hours, it is kind of nice to be taking the training at a nice easy pace, especially right now! My kids are all super excited for the new baby. When we asked Isaac what we should name it if it was a boy, he said, "Little Josh Groban"! I thought that was pretty funny! Also, tomorrow is Melanie's wedding! She went through the temple yesterday, and it was fun to go and be with her there. I have to admit that I decided after having morning sickness so bad this morning that I wasn't going to take any chances tomorrow, so I called my doctors office and got some anti-nausea meds so I could make sure that I wouldn't miss Melanie's ceremony, which is at 9:40 at the Salt Lake Temple. Hopefully that will help with work as well!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News: Bad and Good

So, the bad news is that Rob didn't get that Graphic Design job. We had really hoped it would work out, so it was hard to find out. The lady did call him, so at least we didn't have to just loose hope eventually! We figure that our path must be somewhere else! The good news is that we do have my new job to fall back on. My first day is going to be on Thursday from 9-3. I will work out a schedule for the future at that time. Today is a hard day because while I think it's going to be a good job and I'm grateful for it, it is bitter/sweet. I really want to be home with my kids, and Rob really wants to be the one out working. I'm nervous as well to start a new job, just because it's a new job. I know I'll catch on quickly, but it's always exhausting at first trying to learn everything and everybody. Luckily my supervisor told me when she called to schedule my first day that most of it will probably be spent reshelving, something I am more than willing to do. I'm sure it can get tedious, but it's not as overwhelming as learning new computer programs or trying to help customers when I don't really know any more than they do right now!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have to start practicing saying that because I just got a new job as a circulation clerk (modern word for librarian) at the local library! I applied for this job a couple of weeks ago, but didn't hear from them until this last Tuesday. They called and set up an interview for today at 1:30, to which I went. I felt like it went pretty good, but you know how it is, as you are driving home you rehash every detail and wonder if what you said or did was stupid or not! They had told me that they had interviewed 6 people for the position, but that I was the last one of the six. So, I thought I would have to wait a little while to hear back, but less than an hour later, they called and offered me the job! I am really excited! It is only 16-18 hours a week, which is just fine for me. It will be enough to survive on, and it is only 7 minutes from my house, instead of 50 through major construction on the freeway for a lousy 5-8 hours a week, which really doesn't pay the bills; in fact I don't think it was really even paying for the gas! I love the atmosphere of libraries, so really, if I had to have a get by job right now, this is one of the top places I would pick! What's even more ironic is that there is a chance that I will have to call them back and turn it down because Rob has an interview tomorrow for a graphic design job! We are hopeful with his interview, but know that the chances could still be far less of getting it than getting it, so we are grateful that if it doesn't work out, we will have something else to fall back on. We didn't expect the library to get back to us so soon, so when Rob got his interview, we thought we'd get through both our interviews before either one of them offered so we'd know better what our choices were! But, since the library called back so soon, we felt like it would be stupid to turn it down, but I will feel bad if I have to call so soon and turn them down. I won't feel nearly as bad doing that, though, than I would have been to turn them down today and then have Rob not get his job! I should be starting next week, but I have to go take my drug test first thing in the morning before they can officially schedule me. I almost can't believe how easy and fast it all happened! It seems like we have been waiting for soooooo long for anything, and suddenly I get an interview and an hour later I actually got the job! Can it really be that easy, after all this time?! It's still not that career job for Rob, but it is sure better than what we've had and we can finally see how we can at least pay for the basic necessities! Rob is planning on doing online school starting in January, so at least now we feel like we are actually progressing towards something instead of just struggling to just survive! We still have a long way to go, but at least I think we've hit that rock bottom and are actually starting our climb back up!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am very happy to say that in the last 2 days, Isaac has pooped twice on his little potty! What is even more amazing is that while we have tried before we moved to get him started on potty training and he showed true fear at the idea, we have not actually said much to him, so this sudden leap forward is pretty much all his own doing! I have to say I am surprised he is actually pooping first; Eden was the opposite. So, we will have to see if we can continue encouraging this new progress! And, what is more is that EmmaLee has been watching the proceedings very closely and has since sat on the potty a couple of times herself, so with all luck, maybe, just maybe we can get all of them out of diapers in the next month or so! That would be the first time in nearly 7 years I won't have a kid in diapers!

Friday, September 11, 2009


This is a week late, but better late than never! Last weekend we were finally able to go on a little vacation for the summer. For those who don't know, my brother moved to Idaho earlier this year, so we went up and stayed with him in Rexburg. We spent a day at Yellowstone, and a day going to Bear World and seeing the Tetons, and we watched the fabulous BYU vs Oklahoma game, and just chilling with my brother and his family. It was a ton of fun!! Yellowstone was amazing! We saw some wildlife, including some elk, otters, deer, and Buffalo. In fact, we saw a buffalo up close and personal! We were driving on the main road, and we had actually just passed the big clearing where most of the buffalo are. We were into more wooded area, and for those who haven't been, most of Yellowstone's woods are very, very thick. You can't see very far into them because the trees are so dense! Anyway, all of the sudden, Rob let out a start and was slamming on the breaks and swerving into the other lane, which luckily nobody was on at the time. I had been looking down at my camera on my lap, so I didn't know at first what was going on, but as I looked up, a huge buffalo had just emerged out of the woods at a run and then stopped dead in front of us! Our tires were squealing and smoking, but luckily because Rob has such quick reflexes, we didn't hit the buffalo! For the 5 seconds right after as we were staring at the buffalo and it stared back, I saw dust actually coming off his back! It was crazy! I'm sure it would have creamed the van if we had hit the poor beast, and I did think briefly how weird it would sound to have to call in another claim on the van, this time from hitting a buffalo. First, our car is by a flaming one, then we hit a buffalo! No normal or typical claims for us! But, luckily we didn't hit him, so we slowly went around him and kept going! It took us about a half an hour before our heart rates went back to normal! It was so funny too, because right after it happened, Eden calls up from the back, "Now I know why we wear our seat belts!" (Yes, we were all in our seat belts, but Eden asks all the time why she has to wear hers; glad the buffalo could give such a great demonstration for us!) The day after Yellowstone we went with my brother and his family to Bear World, which is in Rexburg, and it was a ton of fun! The park has real bears as well as a variety of other wild life, and you drive your car through the park, so they are literally right outside your window! It was really amazing to be so close to all those animals! We had one that walked out into the road right in front of us, where he lazily sat down, blocking most of the road, and then just looked at us! It was funny! After you drive through the animals, there is a main building that has a gift shop, and then right outside they have a little carnival, mostly just for smaller kids, that is free with admission, so the kids all had a blast riding on the rides! Plus, they have a petting zoo that was really fun! They had deer, including a baby deer, that let you walk right up to them and pet them! I have always wanted to pet a baby deer, and it was a lot of fun actually getting to do that! The baby deer enjoyed chewing on my shoelace as well! So, that was a really fun place to visit! Most of the rest of the time we spent just hanging out and having a good time with my brother and his family. I will have to post pictures as soon as I can actually find my camera cable so I can download them! Thanks Nick and Kimberly, Caleb and McKell for letting us stay with you and have such a great time!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Burn baby Burn!

I think it got a little hot!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a Day!

This has been quite the Saturday! After getting up and ready and doing a few chores around the house, we loaded the kids and headed to my parents house. We found a screw in our van tire the other day and my dad said he could fix it, so we went out there to take him up on his offer. When we got there, he invited us to go to a carnival at the Rio Tinto stadium with them after he fixed our tire. Of course we said yes, so after lunch and a fixed tire, we headed over. We decided to park at the Mt. Jordan middle school parking lot because it was free, so we made the long, hot walk to the carnival, which was a lot of fun! I was surprised that all my kids did so well! I even took EmmaLee on a little roller coaster, the ferris wheel, and she went with Isaac on a little car thing! Because it was so hot, there was hardly anyone there, so we didn't waste any time in lines or anything! We had been there about 2 1/2 hours when we decided we were done, so we started walking back to our cars. My kids we tired and hot, and the long walk back took almost everything out of them. We finally found some shade on the other side of the school, so Rob and my younger brother and sister stayed with my kids while my dad and I went to get our cars. We got to the parking lot, but my dad's car wasn't where we thought is was suppose to be. We thought that maybe we were wrong about where he had parked it, so we wondered the parking lot looking for it, which didn't take long because it's not that big of a parking lot, and it wasn't very full. We were kind of laughing at the idea that somebody must have stolen it because for those of you who don't know, my dad is good with cars, so my whole life he has always bought old, used cars that he fixes up until they literally are beyond any kind of mechanical help. The car we were looking for today was a bright teal 1984 Ford Festiva. We couldn't understand why someone would steal it! But, we figured that must have been what happened because it was not in the parking lot! I made my dad call my mom just to make sure before we called the police she hadn't for some random reason come and picked it up. So, my dad was talking to my mom, who had not come to get the car, when he suddenly asked me if he had been parked right next to me, to which I said I thought he had been. He told me to look at that parking space, and it was all black, with little blackened debris all around. Had his car caught on fire?! My dad started to mention that we had been parked right by each other, so if his car had caught on fire, wouldn't my car have been damaged as well? Right before he finished his sentence, we saw my rear bumper and tail light and saw that they were melted! I haven't mentioned this yet, but what makes this even more salt on the woundish is that we have a new van that we haven't even had for a month yet! I don't think I've said this yet, but we have taken out bankruptcy, and one thing that happened when we did this is that we lost our other van. A lot of times you are able to keep your cars in a bankruptcy through what is called a reafirmed loan. We were planning on doing that, but we found out that the lender we had the loan through, who is also who we had a couple of credit cards through, wouldn't let us reafirm that loan without reafirming all our loans, which would have made bankruptcy pretty much pointless, since we owed the most money to this lender. So, we voluntarily gave up our van. We cannot legally fit all three of our kids into our Geo Prism, so we figured we needed a family car still, so Rob's mom very kindly helped us get a new van. She took a loan out for a new van, so we are just making payments to her until our bankruptcy is over and we are able to get a loan in our names. Because we are hoping to use this van for a very long time, we got a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country, which ironically is pretty much the exact same payment as our old 2000 Toyota Sienna. So, like I said, we haven't even had this van for a month, and now the rear bumper and tail light are totally melted! Anyway, back to today's story! So, we realized after seeing my car that my dad's must have caught on fire and burned, but where was it now? So, we called the police station and told them where we were and what we thought had happened, and sure enough, she said they had gone to a vehicle fire at that location earlier in the day, and she gave me the name and number of the auto body shop they had taken my dad's car. I guess they had tried to call my parents house, but nobody had answered, so they left a message. So, luckily, our van is still totally driveable, so we all loaded into it, and drove to the body shop, which was closed and told us we would have to come back on Monday to see the car, so we don't even know what it looks like yet! We also finally found a police report under our windshield, which had the time of 2:45 on it. We had arrived there at 2:00, so the fire must have happened right after we got there! All that commotion it must have caused while we were blissfully enjoying the carnival, completely unaware that one of our cars was going up in a major fire, and the other was getting melted right next to it! Crazy! And, to have to get to the parking lot and have figure it all out ourselves was just weird! I talked to my dad tonight and he was talking about how he didn't loose a dime in that car. He bought it like 4 years ago for $700, put 50,000 miles on it, which he figured cost him 1 cent a mile to own and drive it. He thinks it was well worth it! I just laughed! So, if I can, I'll have to get pictures of it and post them just to show what it looks like now. It made for quite the day! Oh, and luckily my parents do have insurance, so we will be getting our car fixed. What amazes me about our car as well is that it wasn't more damaged! There is about a foot of body of the car between the bumper and the rear light that doesn't even looked touched, yet the light and bumper are melted! I'll have to take some pictures of it and post it as well, as soon as I figure out how! Why do weird and crazy things always happen to us?!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I just got back from dropping Eden off from her first day of kindergarten!!! I'm not as emotional as I thought I would be, but it's probably because I haven't had time to think much about it! It has been a busy week! We packed up this last weekend, and on Monday, we moved in with Rob's mom. We spent most of yesterday unpacking some stuff and trying to get slightly organized, and Eden started this morning! She is actually in year round and should have started on July 20, but obviously we weren't here yet, and since the school we were living by is traditional, she couldn't start there. So, I saw her teacher a few weeks ago and got some homework for her to work on so she wouldn't be so far behind, and this morning, Eden and I went to school! We got there about 10 minutes early, so she got to play on the playground for a bit, which she was at first "too shy" to do, but decided after about 30 seconds, she was "braver" and went and played! When the bell rang, it took us a few minutes to find her class, which I found as they were going in, so she was the last one in, but I was able to talk to the teacher and introduce Eden to her. We talked about where to go so I could pick her up after school, and without a backwards glance, she went to class! I hope she is doing good! She has been nervous since last night saying she didn't want to go, and she was a mix this morning of being okay and not being okay. Once we were there, though, I think she was good, but I can't help but worry a bit until I see her again! I so want her to have a good school experience, especially in these early years! We haven't been able to send her to pre-school, so besides church, she really hasn't had any classroom experience! Plus, she is one of the youngest in her class; in fact, if she had lived here when school started, she would have still been 4 for the first few weeks!!! But, she is smart, and before we moved, all her friends were between 3 to 4 years older than her, so she seems very mature for her age. Anyway, there's nothing like jumping right into a whole bunch of life changes all at once!!! So, even though we moved, I will still be commuting twice a week to my job at the pool, on Thursdays and Saturdays, at least until we can find something closer to us here. I did find one job I am going to apply for here, but that will be something we start really focusing on here once we are a little more settled. One step at a time!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exciting News!

I am very happy to finally have something happy to say, even if it doesn't have to do with me, exactly. My sister Melanie is getting married! Last night her boyfriend, Danny Isaac, proposed to her, and she said yes! They will be getting married on October 9 at the Salt Lake temple, and I am so excited for her! Danny's a great guy, and they have known each other for around 4 years now. They dated in high school, and for the last two years Danny has been on a mission. They wrote consistently while he was gone, and he got back mid-June. They have been dating since, and now they are getting married! It's funny because Danny's last name is Isaac, and when I tried to tell my Isaac that Melanie's last name was going to be Isaac, he was kind of upset and said, "I'm Isaac!" He seems to be okay with it today, though, so I think he'll get through it okay! EmmaLee can already say an adorable "Uncle Danny", so I think it's safe to say we are all excited for this occasion!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rock Bottom

I debated even posting because I didn't want it to be all negative, but I also feel like I need to express myself somewhere! About 2 weeks ago both Rob and I had job interviews; Rob for a graphic design job in Provo, and me for a receptionist job at the state capital (which is a beautiful building!!). Both our interviews went well, and we were hoping one or the other might work out, but two days ago Rob got a call from his saying they had filled it with somebody else, and yesterday I got a letter from the capital saying the same. So, I guess neither of those were it! This could change, as our plans have changed at least three times in the last month, but for now we are planning on moving into Rob's mom's house sometime in August. Rob will hopefully be starting school at Weber at the end of August, and I will continue working at the Mt. Jordan swimming pool two nights a week. We will be looking for some kind of job closer to Clearfield, but as we have already looked before and not had luck, until we actually are able to get one, I'm not giving up what I do have. I hate to admit this, but we are also going to be taking out bankruptcy. We met with a finacial couselor and she said that this was probably our best option; I cried. But, after my first bitter cry about it, Rob and I have come to realize that it is actually going to be a very stress relieving thing for us. I guess you know you are in bad shape when there really is no negative to taking out bankruptcy. The worst part is how it will affect our credit, but even if we don't take it out, our credit is still shot, so it doesn't really matter! And, this way we will actually be able to recover in a shorter amount of years than not doing it. Sad, I know, but I'm actually extremely grateful this is even an option for us. We will be able to be far more self-reliant after our bankruptcy than we are now. So, there is our current situation. It sucks, but actually has a silver lining now more than it did a week ago, so I guess we'll take what we can!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My hives are gone, and so is my laptop

So, my hives are gone and I am feeling much better, but my laptop is gone as well, at least in functionality! It totally crashed last week, taking with it all my pictures from the last 9 months! I am so bummed! I'm still holding onto a hope that we might be able to get it fixed or at least recover out stuff from it, but unfortunatly, it will cost money to find out, which we don't have right now. Does anybody have any suggestions or had this happen to you? Should I have any hope for my laptop or the information on it?
Besides that, life is all right. Rob and I are currently trying to make some big decisions for our life right now, but it's hard to make because all of our choices depend on other things happening to make them happen. An example is school this fall at USU. Rob is already accepted and we've already been approved for some finacial aid, but realistically we will have to have at least a small part time job to survive. So, we are starting to make arrangements for that move, but we know if we don't get a job by the time school starts, we probably won't be able to go, but we won't know until it's time. My job now is all right, but once school starts, it almost shuts down, and I would be lucky to get 7 hours a week, which isn't going to cut it, so we know something has to change, we just don't know where or what right now. It all depends on getting a job, anywhere we might go, which is scary and frustrating for us to think about because that's what we've been trying to do since last September, so we are nervous about if it is actually going to happen! So, that's most of what we are thinking about these days! Eden starts school in August, and I'm not sure where to register her or where we are going to be! I did get her registered at the local elementary where we are currently living, but it is the least likely place we are going to be come August! Oh well, I guess things will work out, one day at a time!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Loooong Week

Can I just say that this has been a really crappy week?! It all started, sort of, a week ago from yesterday, on a Thursday. Rob had been called and actually had an interview for a Graphic Design job, the first for months! We were so excited. We should have known. For the third time, yes this has now happened to us THREE times, Rob got a call a half an hour before his interview from the company telling him that they actually realized that they can't afford to hire anyone right now so they are cancelling the interview. What! They didn't figure this out before posting the job and setting up interviews?! I don't understand how they don't know this before, and I REALLY don't understand how it's now happened to us THREE times!! The first two were for just random jobs from local stores, but this was the first for an actual graphic designer job. Needless to say we were discouraged. But, we tried to forget about it and go about out day. I worked that afternoon, and about 20 minutes after getting to work, the back of my neck by my hairline started itching. Then my hip started itching. When I had a moment alone, I finally looked at my hip to discover that it was covered in a hive bigger than my hand. Luckily I only worked for two hours, so as soon as I was done, I headed home. By the time I got home, the hive had spread and almost completely covered my torso. I took some benedryl and tried not to itch! After about an hour or so it did finally start going down, and I thought we were done. Wrong! At about 10 that night, my whole body started breaking out again. It covered my legs, arms, stomach, back, etc. I'd say I was at least 80% covered in angry red hives. I was going insane! So, we called my parents, my dad came up with the kids, and Rob and I headed to the ER. I was given an epinephren (sp?) shot, along with three other medicines, and after a little bit, my hives finally started going down again. They sent me home with some prescriptions, and I hoped we were over it. Wrong. I woke up the next day and still had hives, mostly on my legs and arms, but as the day went on, they moved around my whole body, including my face. I kept on my medicine, and tried to not go insane from the itching. We took the kids to Rob's mom's house that night because Saturday was Rob's birthday and we had planned on having the kids sleep at his mom's house so Rob and I could go camping and then fishing in the morning for his birthday. We dropped the kids off, and then went home because I was too miserable to go camping. We watched TV, and went to bed. Poor Rob! He was so good about it though and just wanted me to feel better! So, I woke up the next morning at 7:00 because my lips felt funny. Turns out my face was totally swollen as well as my hands! This scared me a bit again because I was afraid it was going to spread to my throat, so we made another morning trip to the ER where I got another shot of epinephren. It took away the swelling, and again we were able to leave after a couple of hours. We went and got the kids, and honestly, the rest of the weekend is kind of a blur to me. I was on a lot of meds to keep it under control, including benedryl, so I was pretty out of it. I went to a dermatologist on Monday, who finally prescribed me an epi pen to have on hand in case I ever have another reaction like this again. I think we've finally decided that what I had the reaction to was the anti-biotic Microbid, which I had been taking the previous week for a bladder infection. I guess it is kind of common to have delayed reactions to medications, especially anti-biotics. I was glad to have figured it out because it was kind of stressful not knowing what caused it because I didn't know how to avoid it. So, by Tuesday, the hives were pretty much gone, but all the meds, especially the steriods, took their toll and wiped me out! Tuesday night and Wednesday night I had insomnia and probably slept a total of 5 hours between the two. Yesterday I woke up to discover that I had another bladder infection, and spent part of the day going to the instacare again to get tested for it, and then start more meds for that! I feel like I've gone full circle! I had a bladder infection, which I took medicine for, had an allergic reaction to, started to recover from, only to end up starting over again with another bladder infection! Will it ever end!!! So, I finally slept a little better last night, but still don't feel well today, and I am just hoping it all starts settling down for good for a while! One blessing this week has been that this is our break at work for swimming lessons, so I haven't had to work at all through this. I do work tomorrow and hopefully I'll be doing better. Next week starts the summer hours, and I will be working closer to 30 hours a week, so at least this happened at a time when I wasn't having to work or take it off! And that concludes my really long week.

This is a picture of my leg on the second day, when it wasn't so bad!