Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching Up!

I am happy to say that we are all finally starting to really feel better! Isaac still has a tiny bit of a runny nose, but is doing much better, and the rest of us are doing great! The last few days have been so beautiful! We've spent a lot of time outside playing! Rob has started a softball league with his work, so we are going once a week to watch him play, which is fun. Yesterday we took a day trip up to Logan to visit my cousin Karen who is in town from Denver, which was a ton of fun! There were several cousins, and my grandma and an aunt and uncle there, so it was fun to just relax and spend some time there! And, on Friday morning, I got a new niece! Nick and Kimberly welcomed their little McKell (I forgot to ask about the spelling, so hopefully this is close!) into the world, and what a cute thing she is with a ton of beautiful hair!! She was two weeks early and was 6 lbs 6?oz (not positive about the ozs) but her lungs were having a little bit of problems so she was on oxygen for the first few hours of her life, but by that night was doing better and is fine now! She makes my EmmaLee look so big now! So, we are so happy to have her here! Also, my sister-in-laws dog had puppies, which are so cute! So, we've had a lot of new babies in our lives these last couple of weeks, which is so much fun!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sickness and Happy Mother's Day!

So, Isaac ran a fever for a couple of days this last week, followed by EmmaLee doing the same thing, and then Tuesday Eden threw up all day long! My throat was hurting yesterday, but hopefully it's now all out of our systems and we are feeling better! Yesterday while I was cooking dinner, Isaac was telling me he wanted a diaper change, so I told him to go get a diaper, which we have done before. Well, Eden decided to be a big helper and change him for me, without telling me what she was doing. Weellll, turns out Isaac was poopy, so she came in and told me she tried but I needed to finish, to which I quickly ran to the other room to find Isaac laying on his bed with poop everywhere! I had to go turn down the stove, and then I cleaned up for a bit! So, it's been a very bodily fluid week! Thought you'd all like to know!!! And, in case I don't get on again for a little bit, happy mother's day to all the mom's and wonderful motherly influences out there!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sorry, I still don't have any pictures. EmmaLee is cutting teeth in like crazy! She has her two top teeth and her two bottom teeth, but she has 5 more that we can see coming in! She's going to have a full mouth of teeth by her first birthday! Caydin didn't cut his first tooth until he was over one! It's amazing how different every kid is! Isaac is talking more and more. He's actually starting to say two syllable words in a coherant way! Other than that, I can't think of a whole lot more to write about. It's been kind of a boring week for us! I can't believe it snowed again today! I hope it gets warm soon, especially since Rob starts softball games next week with a work team. I want to be able to take the kids to go watch him, but if it's freezing, raining, or even snowing, I don't want to!! I hope May weather comes soon!!