Saturday, June 21, 2008

Isaac is Two!

Yesterday Isaac turned two! I can't believe how fast the time has gone and that he's already two! He's growing so much lately! He talks a lot more, is mimicking Eden a ton (which can be good and bad!), and overall is really becoming a boy! We had a little birthday party last night with just us, and then we spent most of today at Rob's sister's house for another super fun party with a kiddie pool and puppies, and tomorrow we are having another party with my side of the family! So, it's lots of fun! I have pictures, and one of these times I will figure out how to post them, and then it will have to be a post of just pictures!
On a side note, Melanie got her staples out today, and she actually had 10 staples! She's healing really well, though, but still gets headaches, and her neck still bothers her once in a while!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blessed and Lucky!!!

Last night my sister and her friend, Brittany Smith, were on their way to a concert at Thanksgiving Point. Because of the concert, the off ramp was backed up onto the freeway still. They had just stopped in their car when a suburban pulling a boat rear ended them. Apparently he hadn't noticed that traffic was stopping and hit them at almost full speed. The impact sent their car back onto the freeway, across all four lanes, and into the cement baracade seperating the north and south bound lanes. Amazingly, no other car hit them. Melanie was conscience the whole time, and said it felt like it lasted forever! Once they finally stopped, she looked over at Brittany, who's seat had somehow reclined in the collision and was lying unconscience next to her. She tried to wake her up, but couldn't, and by this time other people were coming over to help. Melanie realized that her head was bleeding, but felt like she was probably okay besides that, so she sent everyone over to help Brittany. Melanie's door was also stuck shut, but Brittany's could be opened. Lots of people stopped to help, and soon the medics were there and they were able to get Brittany out, and then Melanie. By this time, Brittany was talking, but not really with it. It took them a little while to get Melanie out because her door was jammed stuck, but they did finally get it off, and she and Brittany were taken to American Fork hospital. Melanie's head was cut from about an inch or so behind her ear, and then all the way back to the back of her head, about 6 or 7 inches total. They had to staple it shut, and they never told her exactly how many staples there were, but she is guessing about 6 or 7. She and Brittany both had CT scans and some x-rays taken to make sure everything was okay, and in the end, Brittany walked away with a minor concussion, and Melanie with the staples in her head, and of course, a lot of soreness! The car is a complete loss, with the trunk in the back seat (thank heavens there wasn't any rear passengers!) and the front end smashed up as well! Considering that they were flung across 4 lanes of moving traffic, it is a miracle that they weren't hit again, and that they still didn't receive any more serious injuries than they did! Caydin must have been one of the angels watching over them last night! I'm so grateful they are both ok!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Catching Up (Again!)

It's harder than I thought it would be to keep up with my blog now that we don't have the internet! I have lots of cute pictures that I want to post, but I'm actually suppose to be finding stuff for a talk on Sunday, so I have to hurry! Rob's birthday was on May 30, and to celebrate, his sister watched all our kids while Rob and I went up to Mantua Res. up by Brigham City. We rented me a kayak (Rob already has one), and we fished from our kayaks! It was a lot of fun! We both caught one bass each, but we paddled around one whole side of the lake and had a lot of fun! We also had a birthday party with his family when we got back that day, and another one with my family on Sunday that was a combined party with my sister-in-law whose birthday is the same day as Rob's! All in all, it was a lot of fun! The other big news item is that EmmaLee started crawling this last week! She is so cute! She's so little, and she gets so excited that she's doing it! I have video of it, but it'll have to be another day! Anyway, I guess for a last item for now is that for Rob's father's day gift, we got a bbq (I wanted him to pick the one he wanted so he already knows!) which we will be receiving next week, so anyone who wants to come over and bbq is welcome (not that I'm as excited as Rob about getting it or anything!)!