Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sparkling Boy

We went to Target today as a family, and had stopped to look at something when I hear Isaac singing, fairly loudly, "Get, your, sparkle on!" (from the new Barbie and the Fashion Show movie).  A lady standing by us heard him and smiled and said to me, "He must have sisters!"  He continued to sing this song, fairly loudly, the rest of the time we were there!  If he wasn't such a rough and tumble boy in every other aspect, I might be worried. . .

Here's some more fun, random pictures!

Isaac still loves his little brother, and Ammon is still unsure of what to think!  Actually, Ammon loves his siblings and smiles and laughs at them all the time!
Oh, EmmaLee!  She has been FULL of attitude lately, can you tell?!
Eden had picture day a couple of weeks ago and chose her outfit and hair due for the day!  Luckily, her bangs have grown out enough now that they don't really stand out at all!  I can't believe how big she is getting, and she has started helping around the house so much more!  She is such a joy and such a big helper!
Isaac wanted to get a picture taken as well, and it is actually a more normal picture of him, mostly!
Ammon discovered his thumb last week!  It's so cute, even though I know if it really becomes a habit I won't like it so much later on!  I've never had a thumb sucker!  What's funny too is that he has the Soothie brand binkys, with the holes in the binky part, and I found him today with his thumb stuck in the hole part, so he was sucking on both his binky and his thumb!
This isn't the clearest picture, but it kind of shows how blue his eyes are.  His cousin on Rob's side that is only about 2 weeks younger (but about a pound bigger), has super brown eyes, and Ammon has really blue eyes, so when they get together, both of their eyes stand out!  It's so cute!  Ammon also started laughing this last week, which is SO cute!!