Sunday, August 19, 2007

Welcome EmmaLee!

As planned, EmmaLee Lucinda Fischer was born via c-section on August 15. She was born at 7:49 am and weighed 7 lb 9 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. She was born with dark hair, like her sister, and it's so cute and soft!

So, this is a picture of me maybe an hour before I had EmmaLee. I am happy to say that I am no longer this large, but I still have a ways to go before fitting into any of my normal pants!

So far EmmaLee has been very even tempered and has not caused us a lot of stress. She was born with no problems, which means she had no club feet at well! We were so happy to hear that and see it for ourselves!

Eden and Isaac both love her, although it took longer for Isaac to show it. Eden was excited, and I think she really understood before hand what was coming, but Isaac acted pretty much oblivious to what was going on for the first couple of days. Whenever he was near her, he would try to grab at her face, not meanly, but just because he's still pretty much a baby too and doesn't know any better! He now says "babeba" for baby, and when I hold his hands, he'll give her head hugs and just smiles! So, I think they'll be great friends!

The only complication that came up was that the night before we came home, Isaac came down with the croup, so it's been not fun trying to keep the two of them within very close contact. Eden also came down with croup, so we've been doing a lot of hand washing and avoiding with the kids! But, there's no way to avoid it completely, so we're just hoping EmmaLee doesn't get it!!!!

This last picture was taken in the OR room, and it's weird to me to think that while we were getting this picture taken, they were still sewing me up! Fun stuff, huh?!
Anyway, it's fun to have EmmaLee here!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

3 Days and Counting!

So, only 3 more days and I won't be pregnant anymore! And, since it's a scheduled c-section, it's more like 2 days left because I go in early Wednesday morning and am recovering by 9:00 in the morning! Anyway, to help pass the time, we've been trying to stay busy.

Eden turned 3 officially on August 4th, and she had to have her picture taken as a three year old! She got to have 3 different birthday parties with family, and I know she would have loved to continue celebrating her birthday for longer!

She was so funny, though, because at each birthday party, she thought she was getting older and older! She turned three at the first party, but she turned 4 at the next! It took a lot of talking to try to help her understand that she was still only 3, even though she was having more than one birthday party! She's also teaching Isaac how to pose for the camera, and now when my orange red eye reducer on my camera hits him, he smiles for me!

This last weekend Sandy City had a balloon festival. We went to the last part of it last night where they had Peter Brienholt in concert, and a bunch of hot air balloons up. They didn't take off, but it was really cool to see them, and as it got dark, it was cool to see them light up as the fires went off. Eden and Isaac loved it!

We got there early enough to watch them blow them up, and then we watched them taking them down. It as really a lot of fun!
We'll be spending the next two days finishing getting things ready for the baby to come. I'm so excited, but a little nervous at the same time, now that it's finally so close! I'm nervous about having to leave Eden and Isaac, and even though I've been through it 3 other times, the thought of going through the surgery of a c-section always makes me a little anxious! But it's worth it for the little one that comes from it!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Job!!

I am very pleased and happy to announce that Rob has a new job! We are so excited! The last month has been very stressful because we found out that Rob was going to be getting laid off of his old job, which is news you never want to hear, especially when you are a month away from having another baby! So, we have been looking and applying for jobs like crazy, and the last 3 weeks have been very long waiting to hear back from people, especially two companies that seemed especially promising. We still haven't heard back from one company, but the other company, called Progressive Manufacturing, called today and made Rob an offer we couldn't refuse! The company makes trailer hitches and is located down in Springville (just south of Provo). Rob will actually be their only Graphic Designer and will be working with the Marketing and Sales department. While it might not be the most exciting work since they really only have one product, the people are super cool and the company itself is very family oriented, and the work enviroment will be really great, a real opposite of where he just came from! The job also came with a pay upgrade from where we were, which means WE CAN FINALLY MOVE OUT (not that it excites me at all!)!!! We are probably going to wait unitl after Christmas so we can pay off debt, and so we can take our time finding the right place. We should be able to purchase a home, so we are going to be spending some time looking into our options of what and where to buy. We are planning on moving to Springville, or further south since the job is in Springville, and the further south we go, the more affordable homes become, and the better the commute anyway! Ironically, my brother works almost literally across the street from where Rob's new job is located, and he and his wife are planning on moving down that way as well, which will be really fun for us to be so close to family still (not that the commute to most of our family will still be all that far). Rob's first day will be Friday the 24th of August, which is great because that means he'll be home all of next week right before we have the baby, during the baby, and for most of the week after I have the baby! It'll be great to have him here to help! I go in next Wednesday morning to have the baby, and should come home next Saturday morning. I'm so excited that it's almost time to have the baby! I'm even more excited now that we have a job and know he'll be starting it soon! It'll make having the baby and the recovery so much better and less stressful!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Eden's Bday and Passing Time

Eden's 3rd birthday is officially tomorrow, but we already had a little birthday party for her last Sunday with my mom's family which celebrated my Grandpa's, and two other cousins birthdays as well. It was so fun to watch Eden with her presants though! Every single one was so amazing to her! She was so excited and awed by the things she got! I was lucky enough to catch in photo's a couple of her faces! I think the pictures say it all!

We are having another birthday party for her tomorrow with Rob's family, and then another smaller one with just my family on Sunday. It is so much fun to see how exciting life is to these sweet children!

I'm actually really glad Eden's birthday is right now because it's given me something to focus on, planning all the parties and stuff, to help the time pass till the baby is born, which is officially 12 days from today! I am considered full term now, so if she did decide to come earlier, it would be fine! But, I doubt I will, so we'll just say 12 days from today! My sister-in-law invited us over to a pool last week, and the kids loved it! They had this big blow up toy that Isaac and Eden loved to sit on! It was great for Isaac because he gets to the point where he doesn't want to actually be in the water, but this way he was right in the middle of everything, and yet still warm and mostly dry! And, it's nice from Rob and me because we still get to stay in the pool instead of having to sit on the side with Isaac watching!

The kids and I went to lunch today with my mom and sister, and Melanie put her hat on Isaac, who totally loved it! He was being all cheesy for the camera, and I thought he looked so cute, and grown up with the hat on!

He was quite the sight with his cool hat, and dancing to the music they had playing. Eden thought it was pretty funny as well! Eden and Isaac are getting so cute together! I know there will be days and moments when they don't do so well together, but I think overall they are going to be great friends! Isaac woke Eden up this morning by crawling on her and giving her big hugs! Eden, who can usually be very grumpy when she gets up, just smiled and hugged him back! It was so cute! Soon there's going to be three of them! I don't know how Isaac will take it for now, but Eden keeps talking about how she's going to hold her all by herself and how excited she is for her to come! We finally bought a package of newborn diapers, and I had to take one out to look at it, and now Eden is always asking to see it and then she'll say how cute and little it is! Hopefully her love of her new sister will continue after EmmaLee is born!