Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's A . . .

Boy!!!  It only took number six to break our pattern of boy, girl, etc., but it is officially broken!  No club feet, and my placenta is attached at the back (which is a good thing instead of by my scar)!  The only issue that came up has to do with the umbilical cord.  I guess there are normally 3 veins/arteries that go through the cord; two leaving the baby with old blood and one going  back in with new blood.  My cord only has two; one going in and one going out.  The doctor at the ultrasound said that most of the time there is no problems associated with this defect itself, but what they have found is that when there is one defect, there is usually at least two.  A common defect associated with the cord one is a heart defect.  But, at least according to the ultrasound, everything else, including the heart, looks perfect and totally normal!  So, hopefully that means there really isn't another one!  He also said that typically with the cord defect women start going in weekly starting at 34 weeks for stress tests to check on the baby later in development for signs of stress, and get another ultrasound at 34 weeks to make sure the baby has continued to grow and develop normally and to make sure the baby doesn't need to be taken earlier.

Everyone is excited, although EmmaLee was the most disappointed when we found out it was a boy.  She really wanted a girl!  But, I told her this meant that she still gets to be my baby girl, and that seemed to cheer her up!  She's been talking to my stomach ever since, telling her brother that she loves him!!  We are so excited for our new guy to join us!  Now we just have to figure out a name; we had a girl name all ready, but nothing for a boy!

Finally, it was kind of ironic because my doctor's office actually scheduled my ultrasound appointment, but yesterday when we got the ultrasound was Caydin's 10th birthday.  It actually made finding out what the baby was even more special.  I think a lot about how how Caydin and this new spirit that will join our family are together.  It helps me feel closer to Caydin knowing that our two worlds are really not that far apart.  I also can't believe that Caydin would have been turning 10 years old!  I have been a mother now for a decade!  How it flew by, much faster than many of the days felt!  Happy birthday, Caydin, and I hope you and your newest brother had a blast celebrating on your end!!  Love you!