Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Day!

So, I learned that pudding and one year olds left alone with pudding don't mix well. But, at least he seemed to enjoy himself!

I thought EmmaLee looked so cute in this picture! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Everyday her personality seems to grow more and more!

So, this is short, but there's not much new going on! Eden will get her cast off this Thursday, and hopefully we'll be done with it for a while! She's done really well with this cast again, except for one thing. For some reason the way this one is casted is causing her to kick her other ankle with her cast while she's running or walking sometimes. As a result, she's scraping up her ankle, which then gets a scab, which she then rips off the next time she kicks her ankle, which has caused much stress on her part because it starts bleeding a bit! We've tried to keep bandages on her cuts, and tried to get her to leave socks on to at least pad it, but she never leaves any of them on for longer than an hour! So, I'll be glad when the cast is gone!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Tag!

I was tagged by Laura B.

The rules are as follows: You answer the questions, then tag 5 others. Post their names and then leave a message on their blog letting them know that they have been tagged! Wahoo! Let’s have some fun!

What was I doing 10 years ago:
Okay, 10 years ago I was a junior in high school. At this time of year, I was probably getting ready to go to the BYU Ballroom Dance competition, so I was probably practicing several mornings during the week, and possibly some evenings. We were probably also doing some kind of fund raiser to earn money to pay for costumes. Besides that, I honestly don't remember what else. I wrote in my journal all the time so I wouldn't have to use my brain power to remember everything, and after 4 kids, my brain is goo and I can't remember more specifics at this time!

Things on my “to do” list:
1. Go through my kids' clothes and get the next sizes out for Isaac and EmmaLee.
2. Clean the bathroom.
3. Vacuum the whole house!
4. Vacuum the van!!
5. Get some sleep!!!

Places I Have Been:
1. Florida 1998-Thanks to my brother winning a trip to Florida from Franklin Covey that turned into a whole family trip!
2. Nashville TN 1999-Thanks to HOSA-Alana and I won 1st place in CPR/First Aid and went to Nashville for the national competition.
3. Hawaii 2000-Decided to take this one just for fun! Wendy and I went with my parents and had a blast! (Sorry Wendy for being uptight at first!!)
4. Nauvoo IL 2002-Rob and I and my brother Nick went out for the Nauvoo temple open house.
5. Denver CO 2002-Same trip as Nauvoo, but due to bad weather, we missed a connecting flight and ended up spending the night with Rob's uncle in a suburb of Denver.

Bad Habits:
1. Being grouchy when I'm tired, so a lot these days!
2. Feeding my kids too much sugar!
3. Keeping clothes too long that I don't wear but think I will.
4. Side seat driving-but only with Rob!
5. Being late to things!!

Places I Have Lived:
West Jordan, UT
Sandy, Ut
Syracuse, UT
Springville, UT

Things that most people don’t know about me:
1. My elbows are double jointed.
2. I wet the bed till I was 6.
3. I have a mole on both my feet in almost the exact same spot.
4. I had a butcher knife fall into my foot when I was one-I still have the scar.
5. My middle toe on my left foot has a birth mark (my feet have a lot of secrets!)

I’m tagging:
Jenn, Karen, Cami, Laura (Dickey), Kimberly, and anyone else who wants to!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! We have had an eventful day so far!

Okay, to start with, this is a picture taken last Sunday. Right by Rob's work are a few ponds with lots of ducks. So, we stopped to feed them the only thing we had in the car at the time, graham crackers! The kids loved it, and it was pretty fun to see all the ducks!

So, as for today. We got up and spent half our day up at Primary Children's. Isaac had to get some blood drawn because he is still anemic, so the doctor wanted to do more tests just to make sure there isn't something more going on. We should hear back with the results by Monday. He was so brave, though! He didn't even flinch when they stuck him! Rob gave him a blessing last night and blessed him that he wouldn't feel it at all, and I'd say it was a blessing fulfilled!

Eden also got her new cast today. She went in planning on getting purple, changed it to orange, decided on purple again, but at the last minute went for blue. So, she now has a lovely blue cast! The doctor was pleased with how her foot was looking even just after the one, so we're very optimistic that the casts are doing the trick, at least for now!

Finally, I had to take a picture of EmmaLee. It's hard to see in this picture, but she is actually holding her legs off the ground. She does this a lot lately, and I don't know how! If I try to hold my legs up off the ground a few inches, it's called a major abdominal workout, but for her, it seems to be fun! She can hold them there for minutes at a time!
Finally, I almost hate to admit this, but it's kind of funny so I have to share! When we left this morning, I didn't have time to shovel the driveway, so when we got home, there was still a foot of snow on it. I decided to just go for it, and made it about 3/4 of the way up, and started to slide back down. Forgetting that just because I was going backwards didn't mean I was in reverse, I tried to steer it a little, and turned myself completely sideways because I was still in drive! So, I ended up at the bottom of my driveway, totally sideways, half blocking my neighbors driveway as well. I felt so stupid! Rob wouldn't be home for an hour, so I could either leave it and hope the neighbor didn't need to go anywhere, or I had to dig myself out. I decided to dig myself out. It took about a half an hour to shovel the driveway and around the van. I finally went for it again and was able to go backwards about 2 feet before getting stuck, so I went forward and managed to actually get all the way up the driveway and into the garage! Yeah! I was expecting all the neighbors to come running out when I went down, but nobody did, so either I'm lucky enough that nobody saw, or they were all inside laughing at my stupidity! Oh well! Lesson learned!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nothing Much

So, nothing much has been going on here this last week. I've had a bit of a sinus cold, so we've stayed pretty close to home. I sure am ready for Spring! We actually went to a nearby pond today and fed some ducks, and it felt so wonderful to be out in the sunshine!

EmmaLee is getting bigger everyday and is getting better with her hands. She likes to play with toys and grab things now! Isaac did reach a milestone this week, he is FIANLLY walking! He's been able to walk a few steps for a few months now, but I think this week we can finally say that he is really walking! I think the combination of having a big upper body and two club feet, which affects his whole leg, has made balancing a little difficult for him. So, it's fun to see him walking around now! Eden is doing very well with her cast. She hasn't hardly complained about it at all, and it hasn't slowed her down even one bit! We have to be careful, though because it can cause injury if it hits you. We've actually started calling it her "club" foot! She gets to get her second cast this Thursday, Valentine's Day, and then two weeks from then, she'll be done! Hopefully it will have done it's job!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Yesterday Eden got a lovely bright pink cast! No worries, though, she didn't break anything! She was born with a club foot, and at her check up in December we found out that some of her tendons were too tight, causing her foot to pull in. The two ways to fix this problem is to either try casting it to stretch the tendons, or to have a surgery to actually release the tendons. We opted to try the casts first! So, she has this cast for two weeks, we go in and get a new one she will wear for another two weeks, and then she's done! If it's done it's job, she's good to go. If it hasn't, she still gets to have a little surgery. So, we're hoping the stretching casts do their job!

She has so far handled it really well. There was one point on the way home from the hospital where she was a bit sad when I think it really hit her that she couldn't take it off, but other than that, she's been a real sport about it!

We gave her Tylenol most of the day yesterday just because I'm sure having your foot stretched to it's limit and then leaving it there without being able to move it can cause some discomfort and cramping, but like I said before, so far she's complained very little about it! She does have a walking shoe that goes on it so she won't slip on hard surfaces and she can walk outside. Oh these fun little things in life, huh?!

Will I Ever Learn?

This is an update about the issues I described in my Bullies entry. So, how often have I heard the saying that you should always get both sides of the story before jumping to conclusions and yet I still sometimes forget to actually use that bit of advice. I have to admit that I owe my mom an apology for speaking somewhat negatively of her in my other post about Thomas being bullied. I did talk to my mom about Thomas and his problems at school, and I found out by doing so that yes my mom knows about it, but what I didn't know is that she is doing much more to actually try to help the situation. She has actually gone to the school and talked with his teacher about the issue. She has also told Thomas that he needs to keep telling her when things happen so she can help him. For anybody who doesn't know Thomas, he's very sensitive, and I think he tries to protect people a lot, like his other friend that is getting bullied as well. Well, I think he is trying to "protect" my mom as well by not telling her as much about what's really going on. So, by talking to my mom, she is now more aware, since she already was aware and trying to get Thomas to talk to her, of how Thomas is feeling and knows better now to dig deeper into what Thomas is really needing to say. Anyway, there's more to the story, but it's not necessary to explain everything. I do feel much better now knowing that the situation really is getting attention and help by those who should be helping it, and hopefully ease up a bit. Since going back on track, I guess Thomas has said it hasn't been as bad, but they've also spent more recesses inside due to the weather, and that has been where more of the problems have happened. But, like I said, now my mom knows that it is still really bothering Thomas, so she is going to talk to him more about it and make sure he is really telling her everything. So, don't be like me and jump to conclusions too quickly before finding out the other part of the story!