Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Doings Part Two: Bear Lake

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone that shared stories or thoughts about Caydin!  I don't think I could even start to put into words how much those things mean to me!

In August, we had the opportunity to go to a condo in Bear Lake owned by Rob's sister's husband's family.  They just renovated it this last summer, so it was gorgeous, and we really enjoyed being there and being with family!  We were able to celebrate both Eden's and EmmaLee's birthdays while we were there, although I'll be posting pictures from that on my next post! 
 This is the view of the lake out of the big side bay window on the second floor.  The condo is the second and third levels of the unit.  The rooms we slept in were all on the third level, while Rob's sister and her family stayed in the rooms on the second level.

This is the view from our balcony in our bedroom.  I love how the place has so much grass to play on.  We spent some of our evenings out on the grass behind the unit blowing bubbles or playing games!  It was also fun to be able to have a short walk to the beach, which has sea shells, which the kids ended up collecting a whole bag of!
This is the room where Rob, Ammon, and I slept, and occasionally one of the other kids!

This room is right next to the room I stayed in.  Eden and Isaac slept on the two bottom bunks.  They wanted to sleep on the top, but we didn't want anyone falling off in the middle of the night!!
This was the "secret" room that was right next to the bunk bed room.  This is where EmmaLee slept.  What is nice is that all these rooms are right next to each other, so while we were spread in 3 rooms, they were all really closer than our rooms at home!  We ended up staying 3 nights, so it was nice to have some room to spread around in that was just for us!  Besides these 3 rooms, there was also a full bathroom upstairs that we used just with our family.
This is a view of the second floor, the level Rob's sister's family stayed in, and where the kitchen was.  The door at the end of the hall is bedroom, and the door frame halfway down the hall on the left is another room with double beds as well.  There are two full bathrooms on this level.  It is a really nice place, and we feel so grateful for the invitation to go up and use it!!
 This is a picture of the playground on the property, which the kids loved going to!
One of the nights we were there, a big storm blew through, and wrecked havoc!  It was kind of amazing to watch from the window as major winds whipped through the area!  We watched this big branch break off and come crashing down right next to the play ground and on top of an out structure!  All the fields were strewn with branches and leaves!  We also watched a pontoon boat out on the water trying to battle the waves and keep from tipping.  I was a bit anxious for it and was grateful when the wind did die down and it was still safe!
The wind did blow down this pine tree, right onto the top of a parked SUV!  It was nuts!  
 The car belonged to the little boy in the orange shirt's family.  Probably wasn't on their list of things they wanted to have happen on their vacation!!

I have more pictures to post from Bear Lake, so watch for those!