Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eden Moments

So, Eden has lately become enthralled with Spanish. She loves Dora the Explorer, and we have some good friends from Mexico who's kids speak both Spanish and English. As a result, Eden has decided that she loves Spanish and no longer wants to speak English. She goes around speaking "Spanish" and then tells me what she's saying. So, we were driving today and she asks me if she can please live in Mexico so she can grow up speaking Spanish. I tried to tell her that there are good people in Mexico and fun things to see, but that the US is a better place to grow up in and has more freedoms (I know, it was getting a little deep for her, but I tried!). She got teary eyed at my telling her she was probably going to have to grow up speaking English, but didn't say anything else. So, later today, after she had obviously been thinking about it for a while, she tells me, "Mom, I want to grow up speaking Spanish some place nice, so I want to grow up at the DI." I did manage to keep a somewhat straight face, somehow!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July Already!

I can't believe it is July already! Time is flying! We had a good 4th weekend, full of fishing, fireworks, and baby McKell's baby blessing today! Other than that, we've just been enjoying the warm days, usually walking down to the snowcone shack 2 or 3 times a week! Eden does have her first dentist appointment this Tuesday, so I'm hoping that goes well! My grandpa went to the hospital again today with conjeniteve (spelling?) heart failure, and they are having a hard time getting his blood pressure stabalized, so I'm thinking and praying for him a lot right now. It's actually kind of hard for me to think of much else, so I think I'm going to leave it short today. Hopefully soon I will be able to post some pictures! I have some really cute ones I really want to share!!!