Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grandma Dickey

I found out late last night that my Grandma Dickey had passed away. She was a sweet, wonderful woman, and she is going to be greatly missed by all her posterity, which is a lot! She was 88 years old, and she had lived in the same house my entire life, and my dad's entire life as well! I'm really going to miss visiting her. She was always so kind and caring, and you never went hungry when you went to visit Grandma! She was simple, but had so much to her! Here are some of my favorite memories of her!

One time when I was in my early teens, my parents went out of town for a few days, so Grandma came to stay with us. We were watching a Jazz game. It was when Jeff Hornesack was on the team, and after he'd made a shot and they'd shown him on TV, she turned to us and told us that she thought he was just so cute! I thought that was so funny!

Another time, we were up visiting her as a family in Nick's old Bronco. My dad decided it would be fun to go off roading up one of the canyons up there in Cache Valley, and he talked Grandma into coming with us. It wasn't too bad of a road, but did have some pretty big dips and bumps, so there was a lot of ups and downs and drops. Every time we would either dip down, or rise up, Grandma would exclaim, "Oh! Oh!" This went on the whole ride! The Bronco had no air conditioning, so we'd left the windows down, and by the time we got back, we were all layered in a coat of dust, including Grandma, except where her glasses were. I remember looking at her after we'd gotten out of the car, and she looked so cute with her huge white circles around her eyes and covered in dust, especially after her exciting ride! It was the most girlish I'd ever seen her!

I'm going to miss going to her house and getting fruit leather, ice cream cones, apples, and glazed apple cookies! I loved exploring her shed out back, and playing on the rope swing over the canal! I'm going to miss her sweet steadiness! Even though I didn't get to see her as often, I always knew she cared about me and my family, and really was everything you'd want in a Grandma! She was thrilled to get your family picture, and proudly displayed her pictures in her front room. I never really ever heard her get upset (although my dad assures me she had plenty of fire in her), and I hope she knows just how much she was truly loved and admired by her family. She was a wonderful example of how I want to become, so much so that we even gave EmmaLee the middle name of Lucinda, my Grandma's first name, in honor of her. I love you Grandma!

(Lesa, I totally stole your picture!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Changes

Thanks everyone for liking my hair! I did the typical and woke up the next morning and had a moment of panic as I realized just how much of my hair was actually gone! I haven't done that in years!! But, I do still like it, especially at how easy it is to wash, comb through, and then style! Change is good, right?! I hope so because another change happened this week. My last day at work was Monday! That's right, I quit my job! It just started to get too hard for me, simply because I'm pregnant. We got our tax return back, so we are good for a bit, and then Rob is all signed up and ready to start at BYU-Idaho online in April, and we can get student loans with that. Not the course we preferred, but at least it's there to fall back on! Life sure is a journey, isn't it?! Just when you think you've figured things out, something else comes along! I love the quote from Transformers 2 from Optimus Prime "Fate rarely calls on us in a time of our choosing." The story of my life! So, here's to yet another new chapter of my life!

Sometimes we have to be made of steel to get through life!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Change

I guess I hit that point in my pregnancy where I feel like everything is getting bigger, I'm uncomfortable, and I wanted some kind of a change that I wanted! So, what did I do, I got a haircut of course! And, I did the pregnancy thing where I cut it a lot shorter! I'm hoping it will help me feel cooler as my inner heater is completely up and running now, and quicker since I get uncomfortable just doing my hair these days! So, here's the result!

When I first got home, my hubby and all my kids said they loved it. After about an hour, Isaac started bawling and saying that "I don't like your hair like that!", which I'm hoping came because he was tired! Hopefully it will look better to him in the morning! But, no matter what he thinks, I'm liking it! It's weird to not feel my hair everywhere, but I'm excited for the change! My hair grows so fast and is so thick, especially in pregnancy that I'm sure it won't take me too long to grow back out if I decide after a little bit that I'm tired of short! For now, here's to change!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Isaac Update

It has been a long day, but all considered, not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! Isaac had his dental work done today. Because of a mistake at our dentist office in giving the surgical center our wrong number, it took them a long time to get a hold of us yesterday to tell us what time Isaac's surgery would be at today. As a result, they had to push him to the end of the schedule, making him the last surgery (for our dentist) of the day, which was at 1:30. They don't usually schedule kids as young as Isaac this late because it is rough on them. He wasn't allowed to eat anything after 11:00 last night, and could only have clear liquids till 3:00 in the morning (not very helpful). So imagine trying to help a 3 year old fast all morning and then taking them in to get dental work done at 1:30 in the afternoon. Yeah, not good. But, his teeth have been hurting him so much that we didn't want to delay the surgery, and rescheduling would have resulted in having to wait at least 3 more weeks, unless a cancellation came up sooner, but that's not guaranteed. So, we planned to distract him like crazy! First, we actually tried to keep him up as late as possible, making sure to give him a good meal right at 11. We managed to keep him awake till about 12:30, but then he crashed. He actually had a great night, but still only slept till 9:00 (we really hoped he'd sleep a lot more of the morning, making the wait time till surgery shorter). So, when he first got up, we let him play video games as much as he wanted to. We all got ready, and when he lost interest in the games, about 1 1/2 hours later, we took him to the store to buy a toy. We had to get diapers and a few other things, so by the time we were done at the store, it was 12:00. We took the girls back to our house to have Rob's mom watch them, and Rob, Isaac and I headed towards Salt Lake. His surgery wasn't actually at 1:30, but that was the time we were suppose to be at the surgical center, and the surgery was suppose to be after we were there and checked in, etc. We got to the area a little early, but luckily, Isaac had fallen asleep on the way there. Right before he fell asleep, he finally said he was hungry and cried for about 1 minute and then fell asleep. By this time, we felt pretty lucky that he hadn't mentioned it till then! We drove around for about a half an hour, and then he woke up about 10 minutes before we got to the center. This was the most crying time he had. He did cry most of that time about being hungry, and we tried to explain that he would be able to eat after the dentist fixed his teeth. Luckily, once we got to the center, the new surroundings distracted him enough that he quit crying, which was good because the dentist ended up running over an hour behind!! Isaac finally went back at about 2:40! He was SUCH a trooper the whole time and didn't cry once we got there! The surgery took about an hour, and then he was in the back recovery room for about a half an hour, and then in a recovery room with us for another 30 minutes or so. We finally left at about 4:20. He had some huge cavities on his back molars, and even had to have one of his molars pulled because of an infection. He now has a spacer in that spot to help hold the spot for his adult tooth that won't come in for several years. The rest of his molars all had to be capped. The saddest thing was how swollen his lips and cheeks were after the surgery! He looked like he'd been hit in the mouth! But, tonight he is doing pretty good, and has eaten a bunch of jello and pudding, and is acting more and more like himself! We feel so blessed that everything went as well as it did, especially with how long he ended up having to go without food! I'm sure he is still going to be a little miserable the rest of tonight and tomorrow, but we are so glad to be on this side of everything!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Milestone!

So, we've had a couple of teeth filled days! On the downside, Isaac has been up for about 4 nights with his teeth hurting. When we looked, we could see several cavities on his back molars, so we made an appointment with the dentist for this morning. Sure enough, he has several cavities that have to be fixed, so a week from this Friday, we get to do the whole dental surgery procedure with him again! On the up side, we found out that it is covered with our insurance, so we can actually afford to take him in and get them fixed, and we are hoping after they get fixed, Isaac will start sleeping better at night! So, we aren't looking forward to it, but at the same time we are grateful to be able to take care of it, since in needs to be done! So, about 1 1/2 hours after we first called the dentist and found out they accept our insurance and actually made our appointment for this morning (this happened yesterday, Tuesday, morning), Eden was upstairs with my mother-in-law, and she was trying to open an ice cream tub with her teeth when her bottom tooth popped out!! At first I kind of panicked because she hasn't had loose teeth or anything, so I thought it was early for her to be loosing teeth and worried that it might be bad that she had lost it, or that her tooth might have broken off and some of it might still be in her mouth. But, the tooth looked healthy and whole, and we didn't see anything in her mouth, so we decided to just ask the dentist about it this morning at Isaac's appointment. He said that 5 years old is a normal age for kids to start loosing their teeth and to not worry about it! So, my new milestone as a mother is that I've had a child loose a tooth for the first time! The tooth fairy hasn't come yet because we wanted to show it to the dentist to make sure it looked normal, but Eden is excited for the visit tonight!

Eden was so worried at first that she was going to look ugly without her tooth, but I told her that everyone looses their teeth, and that the kids at school will think it is cool that she lost her tooth!

So, besides teeth issues, here's what else we've been up to this last month!

Isaac went on his first boys only fishing trip with his dad and cousin Brad last weekend! He was so excited for it that for about 3 days before they went, he was even praying about it in his prayers at night! They went ice fishing up at Pineview, and it was so cold that they only stayed a couple of hours and didn't catch a fish! But, Isaac still really loved being a part of the boys, and I thought he looked so cute in his fishing gear! I took this right after they got home, and his cheeks are actually pink from the heater in the car!

Okay, so here is a recent pregnancy shot of me. It is actually already a week old, and yes, a week makes a difference right now! But, the good side is that the bigger I get, the closer I am to being done with being pregnant, and I do feel the baby moving a lot now, which is fun and makes it feel more real! I'm having more troubles with my hips and lower back, mostly in the evening and during the night, but again, I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it!

I had to post this of Emma. Eden had found our chocolate syrup and made herself some chocolate milk, but then left the syrup on the table. I was in doing laundry, and when I came out, this was what I found! What makes it even sadder was that I had just washed her coat the day before! I thought it kind of looked like she had facial hair, which was funny! Good thing I was still doing laundry that day I guess!

I can't remember which day it was now for sure, but on one of the days I wasn't working, we took a family ride towards Salt Lake and on a whim, decided to stop at Temple Square and take the kids to the visitors center, which I don't think we've ever taken Isaac or Emma to! It was pretty fun! The kids loved seeing all the displays, and since it was only early evening on a weekday, it wasn't very crowded! A sister missionary was more than happy to take this picture of us in front of the Christ statue. When we were leaving temple square, a fog had rolled in, and it made the temple and all the grounds incredible! We didn't really good pictures that really showed the feeling, but it was a pretty cool experience to walk around and look at the temple in the fog. It felt so surreal!

This was a picture we got of the temple, and it's not bad considering we took it in the car as we were driving away! Like I said, it doesn't really show what it was like, but at least it's an idea!

The other piece of news we have is that Rob was accepted to BYU-Idaho about a week and a half ago! Rob has been planning on going back to school to continue his education to pass the time until he is able to get a job. He is planning on starting some online classes in April, and then in August, if we still don't have a job, we are thinking about actually moving up there so he can attend on campus. We didn't want to go up until after the baby is born, since we really like our doctor down here, and I have my job down here right now, but I'm not planning on going back after I have the baby, so this gives us somewhere to focus on! We still would have to get a job up there to make it work, so it's not guaranteed, but at least he can be working on it online until we are able to get a job, there or anywhere! And, by taking the online classes, it will make the transition smoother if we do move up there because all the credits will be from there!

I guess that's about it for now!!