Saturday, June 26, 2010


I really am going to post some pictures, but I have to write this down so I don't forget!

Last night we were having family prayer before bed.  Isaac ended up falling asleep in the middle of the prayer, which HE was saying!  He's too young for this to already be happening to him!

Also, and I'm planning on posting picture, but Eden cut her hair, AGAIN!  This time her bangs were the only victims, but she chopped them almost to her scalp!  She wouldn't let me take a picture right after she did it, but we went in and curled her hair, and I put some of it up, and it looked better than I would have hoped it would!  She doesn't want to let me take her in to a professional to get it fixed because she doesn't want to loose any length in the back, and I honestly don't know what they could do for her anyway!  I've never met someone who wants to have long hair so bad, but then can't stop cutting her own hair!  I've decided that maybe the best course of action is to try to teach her some basics on how to more properly cut her hair.  I tried to help her see that if she is going to cut her bangs, she should still cut them so they are a little longer.  When I told her this, she said, "Oh, I see.  Next time I could maybe look in a mirror so I can see where they look good."  Good to know she didn't even look when she cut!  I should clarify, though, that I did not give her permission to cut her hair, but just tried to explain basic principles of what looks good with hair and what would make her hair look like a boys!  That way if she does decide to cut her hair again, she might not butcher it so badly!  Kids, what can I say?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Much

Okay, so I don't have much to say, but feel compelled to write something!  I haven't had time to download any pictures, but I'll try to do so soon.  We have been fighting sickness for the last week or so.  It started with Eden loosing her voice and getting laryngitis.  It's kind of amusing to hear your 5 year old speak in a different voice, especially when she sounds like a 90 year old woman who has been smoking her entire life!  Just as she was getting better, Isaac ended up with croup and a nasty cough.  A day or two later, EmmaLee had it.  I've just been praying and hoping Ammon didn't come down with it, and so far he hasn't!  I started to get a bit of a sore throat, but I'm thinking now it is more allergies because it's kind of off and on, and I would think if it was a cold, it would be all the time.  Sooo, that's been fun!  We did finally get out today and managed to find a park with nobody in it, and we enjoyed being outdoors for a couple of hours!  My kids especially enjoyed the freedom!  I think they've been feeling a little neglected since Ammon was born, and I noticed a huge difference in their attitude today after being at the park!  It was kind of funny, but at the park, they all kept telling us randomly that they loved us, and we were beautiful/handsome, and things like that! Thank heavens the weather is getting better so we can do more outings like today; we all need it!  Isaac will be turning 4 on Sunday, which is crazy!  I'll take some pictures, so for sure some pictures will be coming soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pictures, a lot of pictures!

Okay, so here are the promised pictures!  This first one is of Ammon at the hospital.
This was also taken that first day at the hospital.  Isaac totally loves his new little brother!
I had Ammon at Alta View hospital.  They have this new thing where they offer a special dinner for two for one of the meals you are there for in celebration of you new arrival!  They brought in this little table, and this fancy meal!  It was really nice!  They also gave me a really nice, plush robe! 
This was Ammon at the hospital when we were ready to go home!
Just a cute shot of Ammon with his eyes open!
Another cute shot of Ammon and me.
I don't know how clear it is in this picture, but this shows how yellow Ammon has been.
So, this is a picture of Ammon on his bili bed.  We felt kind of lucky because his bed only had a bottom part, so we didn't have to worry about the glasses over his eyes, and we could also cover him with blankets.  He only had to have his back exposed to the bed.
Here is a shot of him on his bili bed at night.  With the mobile on, and his bed glowing, it reminded us of a space ship!
Like I said earlier, Isaac totally loves his brother. He kisses him, and gets all cute and mushy (for a 3 year old boy) whenever he sees him!
Here he is kissing him again!
And again!  He is such a good brother to him, and I hope they grow up as close buddies!
The kids have handled the changes pretty good.  It has been a little crazy trying to adjust, and the kids have been kind of crazy some of the days!
A cute picture of Isaac wearing a "silly" hat!
Again, some craziness has been the order of the last couple of weeks!
More craziness,
mixed in with some cuteness and much happiness!
And some seeking of attention,
and did I mention some craziness?
Good thing they can still be cute too!
And silliness that makes me laugh!
The first Monday after Ammon was born, Eden had a little celebration at school for getting through kindergarten! Her last day was last Friday!  I can't believe my little girl is already done with Kindergarten!  She gets a couple of months off, and then she will be starting the 1st grade!  I can't believe how fast time has gone!  Caydin would have just finished 1st grade and would be going into 2nd grade!  These realizations make me want to just hold Ammon all day long because I know it will be him finishing Kindergarten way too soon!

Two Weeks Old

Okay, so technically this is a day late now since it's after midnight, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so I still count it as the same day!  Ammon turned 2 weeks old today, on Wednesday.  I have pictures, and my goal is to post them tomorrow!  We've been a little busy.  Ammon's jaundice has been stubborn, and we had him on the bili bed, but were still taking him up to the hospital to get tested everyday for a week straight before his levels finally started to lower.  At his test yesterday, he was still at a 14, but it has finally leveled out, so he should be fine now!  He's still pretty yellow to look at, and I'll post a picture that helps show how yellow he's been!  He's such a good baby, though, and we have loved having him here!  Watch for pictures!