Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Proving a Point

If you haven't read my previous post, read that first, then read this one.

I told my supervisor today at the end of my shift that I was expecting. What where the first words out of her mouth? "I wondered if you might be! You are a smaller person and your stomach just didn't match." I'm 10 weeks today, and people have already suspected it now for a week or two! And these are fairly new people in my life that I kind of thought would just think that maybe I just had a bit of a belly, but no, it is already THAT obvious! Point proved.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pregnancy-the 5th Time Around

I have decided there are pros and cons to being pregnant for the 5th time:

-I know more what to expect during and after the pregnancy
-When morning sickness hits and I call my doctor, they simply ask where to send the prescription
-There isn't much left that I have to buy, especially with two previous girls and two previous boys
-The cute things the other kids say about the "baby" (example-what Isaac said to me after I turned down a Twinkie because I didn't want one, "but the baby wants one!")
-knowing that there really will be an end to pregnancy and being able to imagine it!

-I know more what to expect during and after the pregnancy
-Many of my pregnancy ailments keep getting worse, like my hips
-Considering having to go to maternity clothes by 10 weeks

There are probably more on both sides, but that's what I've been thinking about this last week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Check out this New Blog!

So, my wonderful husband decided to start a new blog that showcases some of his work. It includes photography, illustrations, and other graphic works. While he is looking for work, he has done some freelance work, including book covers for a trilogy a friend of ours wrote, two of which are published (Where the Wind Sings by Robyn M. Schow is the first one and Witch Way is the second one). We are hoping that having his work more available for people to look at will help us in the job area, so if anybody wants to pass along his blog site, we would appreciate it! His address is www.fischergraphics.blogspot.com Thanks!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Melanie and Danny's Wedding

So, on Friday, October 9, 2009, my sister married Daniel (Danny) Isaac in the Salt Lake temple. She was beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, and it was a beautiful day, both with all that happened, and weather wise! My camera died after just a few pictures in the morning, and I STILL haven't found my plug to charge it and to download it into the computer, so I borrowed some pictures from my sister-in-law so I could have something to show!

This is Melanie and Danny at their wedding breakfast, which was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was after their wedding ceremony.

This is Melanie and Danny dancing at their reception that night, which was at the Atruim at Western Gardens in Sandy. Melanie's dress was gorgeous, and she looked amazing in it!

This is Melanie and my dad dancing.

This is two of my kids and my brother's two kids at the reception that night. They had the cutest dresses and little outfits! Nick and Kimberly brought a dvd player, fish crackers, and some fruit snacks which entertained the kids for part of the night! Thanks guys, you were life savers!

I know I am just the sister, but being 8 years older than Melanie, and having no siblings between us, I really wanted to be the best sister in the world to her! I watched her a lot, and feel like I helped raise her, so watching her on her wedding day, I feel like I got a small taste of what it is going to be like to see my own girls get married. At the most random times of the day I felt myself getting emotional, and I am so happy for her and excited for her to begin this new chapter of her life! Danny is a great guy, and I am so excited for him to be a part of our family, even if his birthday isn't on May 30th and his oldest brother isn't named Ryan!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Good News!

Rob and I are expecting our fifth child!!! We are very excited, and a little nervous just because of our situation. My due date is May 25th. This is another reason I have been nervous to start my new job, which was today! I did not tell them I was expecting, so I'm not sure how they are going to handle it when I finally announce it. But, after working there even just today, they all seem really nice and easy going, so I'm sure things will work out! As for my first day, it started a little rocky, but ended up going well. The only reason it was rocky was because I was extremely morning sick this morning! I couldn't eat and was fighting most of the morning to keep from throwing up, so I was worried about what I was going to do once I got to work. I had to go to the city offices first to sign all my tax papers and to get a badge. I'm actually really glad I did have to do that because I didn't have to clock in there, so it bought me a few extra minutes at home to try to settle my stomach down. After that, I went to the library. It went pretty good. It was actually a lot less overwhelming than I thought it would be. They are pretty organized (I guess you would expect that from a library) and easy going, so while I know I still have a lot to learn, I at least feel like I have a pretty good overview of everything. I understand what goes on, now I will just be learning how to make it happen. I don't work again until next week, and then only twice. While it would be nice to have more money from working more hours, it is kind of nice to be taking the training at a nice easy pace, especially right now! My kids are all super excited for the new baby. When we asked Isaac what we should name it if it was a boy, he said, "Little Josh Groban"! I thought that was pretty funny! Also, tomorrow is Melanie's wedding! She went through the temple yesterday, and it was fun to go and be with her there. I have to admit that I decided after having morning sickness so bad this morning that I wasn't going to take any chances tomorrow, so I called my doctors office and got some anti-nausea meds so I could make sure that I wouldn't miss Melanie's ceremony, which is at 9:40 at the Salt Lake Temple. Hopefully that will help with work as well!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News: Bad and Good

So, the bad news is that Rob didn't get that Graphic Design job. We had really hoped it would work out, so it was hard to find out. The lady did call him, so at least we didn't have to just loose hope eventually! We figure that our path must be somewhere else! The good news is that we do have my new job to fall back on. My first day is going to be on Thursday from 9-3. I will work out a schedule for the future at that time. Today is a hard day because while I think it's going to be a good job and I'm grateful for it, it is bitter/sweet. I really want to be home with my kids, and Rob really wants to be the one out working. I'm nervous as well to start a new job, just because it's a new job. I know I'll catch on quickly, but it's always exhausting at first trying to learn everything and everybody. Luckily my supervisor told me when she called to schedule my first day that most of it will probably be spent reshelving, something I am more than willing to do. I'm sure it can get tedious, but it's not as overwhelming as learning new computer programs or trying to help customers when I don't really know any more than they do right now!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have to start practicing saying that because I just got a new job as a circulation clerk (modern word for librarian) at the local library! I applied for this job a couple of weeks ago, but didn't hear from them until this last Tuesday. They called and set up an interview for today at 1:30, to which I went. I felt like it went pretty good, but you know how it is, as you are driving home you rehash every detail and wonder if what you said or did was stupid or not! They had told me that they had interviewed 6 people for the position, but that I was the last one of the six. So, I thought I would have to wait a little while to hear back, but less than an hour later, they called and offered me the job! I am really excited! It is only 16-18 hours a week, which is just fine for me. It will be enough to survive on, and it is only 7 minutes from my house, instead of 50 through major construction on the freeway for a lousy 5-8 hours a week, which really doesn't pay the bills; in fact I don't think it was really even paying for the gas! I love the atmosphere of libraries, so really, if I had to have a get by job right now, this is one of the top places I would pick! What's even more ironic is that there is a chance that I will have to call them back and turn it down because Rob has an interview tomorrow for a graphic design job! We are hopeful with his interview, but know that the chances could still be far less of getting it than getting it, so we are grateful that if it doesn't work out, we will have something else to fall back on. We didn't expect the library to get back to us so soon, so when Rob got his interview, we thought we'd get through both our interviews before either one of them offered so we'd know better what our choices were! But, since the library called back so soon, we felt like it would be stupid to turn it down, but I will feel bad if I have to call so soon and turn them down. I won't feel nearly as bad doing that, though, than I would have been to turn them down today and then have Rob not get his job! I should be starting next week, but I have to go take my drug test first thing in the morning before they can officially schedule me. I almost can't believe how easy and fast it all happened! It seems like we have been waiting for soooooo long for anything, and suddenly I get an interview and an hour later I actually got the job! Can it really be that easy, after all this time?! It's still not that career job for Rob, but it is sure better than what we've had and we can finally see how we can at least pay for the basic necessities! Rob is planning on doing online school starting in January, so at least now we feel like we are actually progressing towards something instead of just struggling to just survive! We still have a long way to go, but at least I think we've hit that rock bottom and are actually starting our climb back up!!