Friday, June 22, 2012

Isaac Turns Six!

June 20th was Isaac's sixth birthday!  I love this boy so much!  He is such a boy!  He loves fishing, playing video games, playing with friends, getting dirty, exploring, discovering new things, playing sports, wrestling with anyone, but especially his dad and little brother, and making people laugh!  He is also a sweetheart and loves to cuddle and give hugs!  He can be sensitive and can get upset if he thinks he has hurt someone.  I am so grateful everyday that I get to be Isaac's mommy!

Isaac got to have a few different birthday parties and adventures this year!  He had a party with Rob's side of the family, one with my side of the family, and then for his actual birthday, we spent the day up at Teapot Lake fishing!
 Isaac got a new fishing pole from his Aunt Bonnie that he loves!
 It's kind of hard to see, but his tongue is sticking out as he was opening this present.  I think it is so cute how excited he gets about presents!
 Blowing out the candles!
 One of his favorite presents was this bow and arrow set.  We didn't really show him much on how to hold it, but apparently he is a natural at it!  Look at that form and concentration! 
 EmmaLee gave Isaac a bunch of fake mustaches.  So, of course everyone had to try one on!  This picture of Isaac makes me laugh!
 As does this one. . .
 . . .and this one. . .
 . . .and especially this one!  Who else thinks Eden looks like the guy on "Enchanted" when he was in the Italian restaurant? 
 Isaac at Teapot Lake.  He decided to walk down the path a bit from where we were and cast his line in.  He caught a fish, all on his own, about 2 minutes later!  I guess that's why he's a Fischer!
 Ammon loved seeing the fish as well, and eating suckers!
 EmmaLee perched on her rock!  I think she also ended up tripping over this same rock later on, and the tree root, and the other rock, and that little piece of dirt. . ., but she had lots of fun anyway!!
 Eden loves her new flip flops and had to show them off in this picture!

Eden's Field Day

I figured out how to download my phone pictures, so here comes a catch up! 

 Eden is the blond one on the end doing a relay.
 The airborne girl in the pink shirt is Eden's best friend, Regan.  In the bottom corner with a red jacket on is Ammon.  He made a new friend from our group, the little girl in the yellow jacket!  They were so funny!  She (and I can't remember her name!!) loved getting hugs from Ammon, and Ammon loved giving them to her!
 Eden and Regan passing the time while waiting in line!
Eden getting ready to toss something!
Another shot of Eden, Regan, Ammon and his friend!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Catching Up Part 2

In April I was able to go on a girls weekend with all the married girls on my mom's side of the family.  I was horrible at taking pictures and didn't get one with all my family, but here were a couple I got!
This is a picture of my mom, me, my sister-in-law Kimberly, and my sister Melanie!  My 12 year old sister Laurie is the only girl sibling missing (well, except for a future sister-in-law from my 14 year old brother as well).  I sure love all of them!
My sister, Melanie, and I at the condo we stayed at!  I had a blast at the get away and hope it becomes an annual thing!
Both Rob and I volunteered for Isaac and Eden's field day at their school this year.  Rob went with the Kindergarteners and I helped with the elementary.  I've got to figure out how to download the pictures from my phone of the elementary one, but here are some from the Kindergarten field day!
Isaac is the tiny, blond head straight back.  The tall lady with dark hair on the right was Isaac's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Revo.  We loved her!  She was fabulous with Isaac and helped him to have a great year!  He struggled a little with separation anxiety, and I think he would have gotten as bad as Eden had it not been for her!  I hope EmmaLee gets her next year!
Isaac in line with all the AM kindergarten!

I thought I took more Easter pictures, but I guess not!  So, here are the couple I got!
 EmmaLee in her Easter dress.  Eden had the same dress, and I think I was trying to get a picture of all of them, but somehow it didn't happen!  The candy necklace and bracelets were from the Easter Bunny!
 This is all the grandkids on my side of the family (except Caydin).

The rest of the pictures are just random pictures.
I just LOVE this picture!  It makes me think of a picture of my older brother, Nick, when he was about this age!
We took a ride up a nearby canyon before all the snow melted, and Eden decided she wanted to climb this snow bank.  The only problem was that she hadn't brought a coat!  So, she borrowed Ammon's!  So yes, those are the white sleeves of her shirt from the elbow down!!
Maybe it's because they are only less than 14 months apart, but Isaac and EmmaLee have always had a cute relationship with each other!  Again, this picture reminds me of a picture of my brother and I when we were little!
 My kids love the Aquarium in Sandy!
 Finally, a few months ago we took a ride and saw the "Up" house in Herriman.