Friday, July 27, 2007


Okay, so I finally took a picture of me pregnant, and here I am! Roughly 3 weeks before I won't be like this anymore, not that I'm counting down the days or anything! It's actually 19 days from today till my scheduled c-section! While I can feel a bit nervous thinking about how to handle three young children, I am for sure looking forward to not being pregnant! It's got to be easier to have three small children but have my health than to try to take care of two small children pregnant!

To help the time go by faster, we are trying to stay busy. Isaac and Eden are starting to play a lot better together, although they have sibling issues several times a day at least! But, it's cute to see them playing and having fun together, and I'm glad to see it happening because they are going to need to entertain each other more after the baby comes!

We spent an afternoon last week at my brother and sister-in-laws house and of course, the kids had to play in the old TV. It was my Grandma's TV, which she's had for years, and my brother has ended up with it, and it is a favorite toy for kids! Nick and I played in it when we were little, so it is kind of funny to think that now my kids and my brother's kids are playing in it now! Eden has spent her time in there as well, but this picture is of Isaac and my nephew Caleb. Too much fun!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

We had a fun, but not overly busy 4th of July. We went to my parents house on the 3rd of July and lit off some of our own fireworks in the front yard. I got my camera out, and suddenly Eden became a professional poser! I'm not sure where she got it from, but she was hamming it up for the camera! Her goal was to make the silliest faces she could!

The one picture I got of her just pretty much looking at the camera she saw and told me it wasn't silly and made me take another picture that was more silly worthy! She cracks me up!

Eden will turn 3 on August 4th, so in less than a month! I can't believe how much her personality has grown again even in just the last month! She has been playing more with neighbor kids, and she is picking up on everything, some of it I wish she wouldn't! She really is turning into a child instead of just a toddler!

I wasn't sure how Isaac was going to handle the fireworks, but he loved them! I think he loved having a lot of kids around as well! He did start to get a little weary of them towards the end and I had to hold him more, but I think overall, he really had fun!

Both Eden and Isaac had fun watching the fireworks at my parents, and we pretty much did the same thing on the 4th of July, just at our own home. We didn't get a chance to go see any big ones this time, but we are planning on going somewhere for the 24th. I'm not sure how Isaac will like them. I guess we will see!
On a side note, I am officially scheduled for a c-section on August 15th, so we can really count down the days now!