Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Little of This, A Little of That

This is my last catch up for today!  It's all the random stuff that didn't fit in any of my other posts but that I still wanted to write about!
 Ammon has decided this is a pretty cool way to get around!  It's like his own little mobile clubhouse!
 It makes him seem so small that he fits in it so well, yet he seems so big because of how playful he is!
 This is what happens when you allow a one-and-a-half year old to feed themselves chocolate, of any sort!

 Ammon finally got his first haircut.  This is the before. . .
 . . .and after!
 Another after shot of his new look.  Of course, this was a couple of months ago, and he is actually already in need of a second hair cut!

 So, Ammon has been my first child to go to nursery with no tears, at all!  He's been going on his own for a good month now because Rob and I team teach Isaac's primary class.  We went to pick him up last Sunday, and he looked like he had fallen through a shredder!  Apparently another little girl in nursery decided she had a vendetta against Ammon and attacked him several times with her nails!  We asked if he had provoked it, but they said no.  We were kind of shocked, so we didn't say much then, but since then I have called the Primary President to ask that she look into if they are in need of more help in the nursery.  I understand that kids will be kids, and that an occasional bonk will come out of being in nursery, but repeated incidences like this shouldn't be happening.  I wish they would have either taken the little girl out, especially when it happened more than once, or brought Ammon to us.  It was stake conference today, so there was no nursery, but I worry that he won't go back without crying now!
 The cut under his mouth was actually bleeding.  These pictures also don't really do it justice and don't show everything!  It was so sad!
 EmmaLee has always been so photogenic.  Even random pictures make her look cute!
 EmmaLee had to get some dental surgery done, so this is a picture of her right before she went back after she had taken some "calming" medicine!  So, she is totally loopy!  A funny story about her surgery is that after she came out, she was pretty upset.  They ended up having to pull two teeth, which she was distraught about.  She did not want to lose anything else she felt were hers.  We kept trying to change her into her pj's we had brought her, but she did NOT want to take off the little hospital gown you can see in the picture.  It was "princess jammies" and she wanted them left on!  They let us take her to the recovery room in them, and finally the nurse said it wasn't a big deal and that she could keep them when she continued to refuse to change!  She wore them the whole rest of the day, with the back open and all!  So, if anyone needs a size 5 hospital gown, we've got one!  I always knew EmmaLee was stubborn, but man, this proved it again!
Finally, I have yet to get a really good picture of Ryder, but I thought this one was still cute, even if he is sleeping!  He has been a good dog so far, and much healthier than the last one!  He's much more playful, and really is the kids' friend.  Ammon has a special relationship with Ryder (even though they are almost like siblings and bug each other as well!), which is good because EmmaLee starts school in the fall, which will leave Ammon the only kid at home.  So, it was good timing for us to get a dog because they will have each other to play with!

Treehouse Museum

We decided to get a membership at a local museum, the Treehouse Museum.  It is a super cute and fun place for kids to go.  They basically get to learn and explore through play! 
 This was the Wild West section, and I think Ammon makes a pretty darn cute cowboy!
 I think he had fun as well!
 Almost every section has dress up clothes for the kids to wear, so here are a few pictures of the kids all dressed up!  Eden the Chef!
 Eden the police officer (albeit a very sweet and timid one)!
 Eden the cowgirl!
 Who could this astronaut be?
 There's two of them!
 Isaac the astronaut!
Finally, Isaac the cowboy!  He looks way too natural up there for my comfort!

Antelope Island

We are lucky enough to live about 10 minutes away from Antelope Island.  We have enjoyed being able make a quick get away from city life with just a short drive.  Even though it is still so close to big cities, when you are there, you feel like you are miles away!
 We saw this coyote walking on the side of the causeway when we were driving out to the island.  It was pretty fun to see him up close, and it was pretty cool seeing him walk on the ice!
 You would never guess from these pictures that at the base of the mountains in the background are Salt Lake City and Bountiful!
 Some parts of the ice didn't look very thick, and I half expected to see him fall through the ice!  But, he must have known what he was doing because he never did!
 A view on the island!  Can you spot the deer?
 Another view that makes you feel miles away from everything!  This spot always makes me think of pirate ships sailing into the harbor!
 The kids were actually looking at Antelope and Buffalo across the valley.
 Another view.
 This was a fox or coyote on the top of a ridge.  Just to the left you can see the hiking trail.
 On the causeway out to the island, the lake had frozen over, and then pushed these ice sheets onto the shore.  Of course we had to get out and take a closer look!  It was really an amazing site, and you can see from the next picture how big these pieces of ice really were!
Rob holding one of the ice sheets next to Isaac!  Antelope Island has become our mini Yellowstone!  It is nice to have a place to get away to!


I've decided that working part-time, going to school full-time, and being a mommy to four kids makes me just slightly busy!!  I don't get to update or read blogs as much as I would like!  So, again, I find myself catching up!  Christmas was nice this year and simple.  We enjoyed getting together with family, and the kids had fun and enjoyed their presents. 
 This is Christmas Morning.  If you look close, you can see Ammon's hand print on his cheek!  We had to wake him up that morning, and he had been sleeping on his hand, and it left a pretty good mark!
 Another view of the hand print.

This is our Christmas Eve party with Rob's family.  Lex is Rob's sister's boy, who was only born about 3 weeks after Ammon, so they are best friends!

 Eden and Ammon Christmas Eve.
 I think Eden liked this Bella Sara Horse Game she got Christmas Morning!
 Eden and Isaac Christmas morning with their stockings.
 EmmaLee was excited to start opening presents Christmas morning!
I thought this was a cute picture of EmmaLee in front of our Christmas tree.  
 Christmas Eve night with new PJ's on!
At the end of December, we got to get together with my mom's side of the family, and this is a picture of most of the great-grandkids of my grandma's.  We finally moved our party to a church instead of at someone's house because we are getting pretty big!  Overall, it was a great Christmas season this year!