Friday, March 29, 2013

Pregnancy Update, 29 Weeks

So, I realized that I really haven't posted any pictures of me pregnant this time around.  So, since I'm now into my third trimester, I thought I would post some!

 A side view (Ammon is reaching up to touch my belly; it's not a big smudge on my wall-those are still hidden enough to not be seen by the camera . . .)

This was actually the reason I thought of taking a picture.  I'm starting to get a few of the baby things I have washed and ready, and when I pulled this little onsie out of the dryer, it looked so small!  But, when I put it on my belly, I realized how cramped the babies really are in there and why it gets to be so dang uncomfortable!!

I'm waddling plenty, and I don't think that is going to get any better for these last two months!  But, it has been fun to feel the baby a lot stronger, especially for the kids!  It was funny to finally see Ammon's reaction when he actually felt the baby kick.  He pulled his hand away really fast and had the strangest look on his face, and then walked out of the room!  It was hilarious!  Of course, he has a baby named Ammon in his tummy that will be coming out soon, too!

We signed Isaac up for soccer this spring, the first of our kids to play it!  He has only had about 3 practices so far, but seems to really like it!  We've realized since taking this picture that the socks aren't meant to be worn so high, and that they should fold over his shin guards, which are also suppose to be worn OVER his socks, and not under them, but he's part German, so it's okay!

Going along with my last post of Ammon being tired, I had to share this photo of Ammon sleeping.  He loves his puppy wee-wee (blankee), but not to actually cover him.  No, he either sleeps on top of it bunched up like a pillow, or wears it like a wig!  

Ammon has really grown a lot these last few months, which is good since he isn't going to be the baby of the family much longer!  He wrestles, talks so much more, and just loves life!  Lately, he has started thinking he shouldn't have to wear a shirt much (what is it with boys taking off their shirts?), and frankly it hurts too much for me to bend over and pick it up multiple times to fight the battle, so there are some days when he goes shirtless!  This was one of those days!  He decided that while a shirt wasn't necessary, a hat and shield were!

Finally, I thought I would share this photo of all the kids being, well, themselves!  They sure keep me on my toes (and hands, knees, and everything in-between!), but I sure love them and love that we have each other!

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Marsha said...

You make a very pretty, pregnant lady. Hoping for a speedy last 2 months!